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5 Ways Auto Attendant Can Increase Efficiency in Your Business

Posted by Harvey Edelman on Wed, Apr 27, 2016

Every business owner knows the importance of accurate and timely communications to keep the company running smoothly. A missed call or message can mean a significant loss of revenue and possibly a lost client. The auto attendant on your phone system can help to solve this issue. The obvious feature not missing a call is just one benefit of this technology.

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3 Reasons IVRs Can Make or Break Your Brand

Posted by Harvey Edelman on Wed, Apr 20, 2016

IVR systems. We've all used it and we've all had experiences where we were trapped in a routing loop unable to reach a human being and stuck yelling at a "robot" we can barely understand. 

When was the last time you've had an experience like that? How did it make you feel about the brand who provided that experience to you? Probably not good. 

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Voice Assistant Technology & Customer Experience

Posted by Sioban Schmeding on Fri, Apr 15, 2016

As technology changes, the customer experience and human interaction changes as well. We have become reliant on the use of cellphones and the convenience of information at our fingertips. Technology advancements have caused such disorders as Nomophobia or the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. With advancements in technology it has put pressure on the customer experience. Customers now have further reach with the evolution of technology.  By utilizing advancements in technology the customer need can be met in a variety of ways throughout the automobile, financial, and food service industries- adding new value to the customer experience. 

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What is IVR? How Does it Relate to Voice Prompts?

Posted by Sioban Schmeding on Fri, Apr 08, 2016

Working in our Client Relation's Department we often get asked what is the difference between a voice prompt and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). IVR is a telephony technology that can process a combination of touch tones and voice inputs.  IVR uses voice prompts to provide callers’ with instructions and directions for accessing information via phone. Voice prompts are used within an IVR? Yes, that wasn't a typo, prompts are audio files that provide greetings or informational messages within a telephone voice processing system. They can be sentances, phrases or individual words.  Unlike voice prompts an IVR system consists of a database, telephone equipment, a supporting infrastructure and software applications. Most IVR applications include:

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DIY Voice Prompts

Posted by Sioban Schmeding on Mon, Apr 04, 2016

If you've ever thought about recording your own prompts for your business, then you've probably already found out just how difficult it can be. Even with the right equipment (which alone costs thousands of dollars), depending on the word count it can take a week just to get the right recordings done. Maybe that's why professionally recorded voice prompts are in such high demand.

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Message On Hold - The Key to Unified Communications

Posted by Harvey Edelman on Wed, Mar 23, 2016

Your team has worked diligently to create a marketing and communication strategy that will increase sales and strengthen your competitive edge. Understanding how to create effective audio marketing scripts for Message On Hold can make a difference as to how clients perceive your brand. Your telephone greetings and hold script is a customer's first experience with your company. These first interactions are essential for convincing customers you can deliver on the promise of your marketing materials. Will the caller's experience on the phone, mirror their expectation?  The caller experience will mirror the customer expectation if your on hold program delivers a consistent, brand-driven message that aligns with your marketing and communications strategy.

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VOIP vs PBX Phone Systems

Posted by Harvey Edelman on Tue, Mar 15, 2016

Today, businesses have an abundance of phone system options to consider for their communication needs. In the past, small to mid-size organizations with multiple phones relied on a private branch exchange (PBX), which connected internal lines to external lines, and managed functions such as call holding or call forwarding. Thanks to technology most of these features are available on a  VoIP system, often at a lower cost than traditional phone systems.  

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Four Things To Avoid In Your IVR, Auto Attendant, and Voice Prompts

Posted by Harvey Edelman on Thu, Mar 10, 2016

Voice prompt menus, IVR, and auto attendant greetings can be a helpful way to get more information to your customers. You can mention your business hours, current specials, a temporary store closing, or a charity drive that you're going to be having in the near future. Since you may already have an idea about what you want to say on your phone script, here are a few things you will want to steer clear of:

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Message On Hold: Script Tips to Keep Callers From Pouting

Posted by Sioban Schmeding on Thu, Mar 03, 2016

Children want what they want, RIGHT NOW.  Oh the potential drama which ensues if parents tell them to be patient. Their excitement builds and they slip into an imaginary world picturing themselves with the prized possession. But disaster can strike the moment they run out of patience. 

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Message On Hold & Voice Prompt Tips from Aristotle

Posted by Harvey Edelman on Tue, Mar 01, 2016

At its heart, what is a message? What is it supposed to do? A message transfers information, but iif it is not engaging will that information reach the listener. Centuries ago Aristotle was so successful at creating an engaging message, humanity still listens to his words today. His artistic proofs offer great audio marketing script tips for messages on hold and prompts.

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