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Video: 4 Ways You Can Gain Momentum with Inbound Marketing

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog
Visual Aids InforgRaphic

Content marketing is gaining momentum everyday. The challenege with content marketing is creating content that is interesting and relevant. Well here are some tips to not only increase traffic to your website but to increase leads. Traffic becomes leads becomes buyers if you are targeting your market with the optimum content. The average person learns and interprets information through visuals. Visual learners make up 65% of all learners[i]. Check out the infographic below which illustrates the effectiveness of visual aids in content marketing. 

The Importance of Message on Hold [Infographic]

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog
MOH Infographic(6) resized 600

While you're ramping up your Internet and social media budget, don't forget that many of your best customers or would be customers still reach you on the phone. How are you addressing that? 

Building Your Brand With Online Video

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog

5 Consumer Pet Peeves of Automated Phone Systems

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog

5 Consumer Pet Peeves of Automated Phone Systems

3 Ways To Use Video To Boost Staff Engagement

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog
3WAYSFINAL resized 600

Since YouTube celebrities took the Internet by storm, small businesses and corporations alike have adopted video production to connect with their audience in creative and imaginative ways. From Twitter contests to Heineken’s cavalier “drop everything and travel” departure roulette, from GoDaddy.com’s “find out what happens next” to Reddit’s live celebrity Q+A sessions, audiences have never been more engaged.

Does Video Quality affect Video Shareability?

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog
Quality Before & After   Puppy3 copy

The answer is yes. When it comes to video marketing, the quality of your video can be your best friend or your biggest enemy. In today’s world, where everyone uses the Internet, videos and other web marketing content are some of the best ways to reach people. However, at the same time, visitors don’t want to commit to watching a ten-minute video just to get the information they are looking for, which is why your video marketing must be well-thought-out.  In business, creating a viral marketing campaign isn’t just about the amount of views you get, but getting people to share your videos. If your content isn’t shareable, you will limit its exposure and in turn reduce the opportunity for conversion.

Spending All of 2013 Waiting On Hold

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog
man with baby on hold resized 600

“Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” It’s obvious that Ben Franklin never talked on the phone, otherwise he would have included “waiting on hold” as one of life’s certainties. In recent years, people have been spending a more than desirable amount of time on hold. According to a 2013 poll, most American customers spend 13 hours waiting in queue per year; those 10-20 minutes per week sure add up!  For Julianna Goldman from Bloomberg News, however, the reality of spending hours on hold was all too real.

6 Blogs From 2013 To Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog
Create My Video

Digital Marketing continued to be on everyone's todo list in 2013.  Check out these 6 popular posts from our blog which cover all your digital marketing from your phone system, to your website, and beyond. They'll inspire you to complete every item on your marketing agenda.

Top Effects Overhead Music Has On Behavior

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog

Music is often thought of as just for entertainment but it can also be used to accomplish other objectives. Generally, overhead music plays in background of production facilities, retail stores, restaurants and offices to manufacture certain desired attitudes and behaviors among employees and customers. The volume and type of music that is being played might be the reason you are not getting more sales and being more productive.

3 Marketing Audio Script Questions To Ask Yourself

Sound Communication: The Holdcom Blog

Writing a marketing audio script can get frustrating without an outline and an understanding of what an effective audio script should be. I know, I know, you’ll just Google it, right? It is important to remember that you are writing something that is meant to be heard.

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