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Message On Hold & Voice Prompt Tips from Aristotle
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6 Script Tips for Your Hold-Time
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Building Your Brand Image On-Hold
Expanding Business Using Multilingual Marketing
Voice Prompts, Message On Hold, and the Customer Experience
4 Tips for Improving Your Remote Customer Experience
Customer Service: Reminders for Facing Angry Customers
What Your Holiday Phone Recording Should Say
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Message On Hold: The Holiday Marketing Tool You Forgot
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Multilingual Voice Prompts - Part of the Dealership Experience
The Customer Experience of Your Phone Customers: 3 Top Tips
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3 Reasons to Add Multilingual Options to Your Phone System
Unified Communications: Is The Human Voice Dying?
Brand Image: A Unified Voice For Call Processing
Hold Time is Valuable Time
Part Two- Are Entertaining Videos Worth the Investment?
Three Must-Haves for A Truly Elite Customer Experience
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Using the Right IVR to Sound Like a Big Company
Best Practices For IVR, Voice Prompts, and Auto Attendant
Small Doesn't Mean Unprofessional
4 Benefits of Using an Auto Attendant
ACD: The Valuable Tool Your Company Isn't Using
Are Entertaining Videos Worth the Investment?
Grow Post Engagement by 221% - A Social Media Case Study
How To Get Quality Customer Feedback
Hotels Using Social Media: Managing Negative Reviews
The Guest Experience Is In the Details
Hotels Using Social Media Are A Dream Come True
Here's How to Get Great Reviews For Your Hotel
How to Impress Customers With True Hospitality
Is Guest Experience a Priority at Your Hotel?
Need a Robust Hotel Marketing Strategy? Create Quality Video Content
Hospitality - More Than Just a Word to Hotels
Hotels Using Social Media Definitely
Hotels Using Social Media Setting the Standard
Customer Experience-Is That Your Focus?
3 Tips to Improve the Hospitality Guest Experience
Hospitals Targeting Their Audience Using Video
3 Ways Your Hospital Will Win With Video Marketing
Skyrocket the Customer Experience with Video and Sound
How Great Customer Service Boosts Customer Experience
Customer Experience Contributes to Healthcare Facility Wellness
Hospitals Using Social Media? The Numbers Speak for Themselves
How Hospitals Can Use Social Media to Improve Care
Connecting with Patients: Hospitals Using Video
Out Reach On The Web: Hospitals Using Social Media
Video the Simplified Way to Explain Complex Healthcare Procedures
Four Magnificent Reasons Hospitals Should Use Social Media
Customer Experience Predictions for 2015
Enhance Customer Experience at Your HealthCare Facility
Are Hospitals Using Social Media To the Fullest
The Right Choice in Music Can Lead to More Efficient Business
How Hospitals are Using Video in Denmark
Have You Optimized Your VoIP Phone System?
Promote Your Company Using Web Video Production
Control the Pace of Your Operations and Increase Profits with Business Music
How to Elevate Your Personal Brand and Increase Customer Engagement
Podcast: Does Background Music Improve Customer Experience?
How the Right Overhead Music Can Boost Your Business
What You Need To Know To Succeed at Customer Engagement
Podcast: How do eGreeting Cards Increase Customer Engagement?
Tips for Creating Great Overhead Announcements
10 Tips to Deliver The Best Customer Experience on Facebook
Use Video Content to Promote Your Business
Should I use Superlatives in My On Hold Messages?
Update Your On Hold Communication with Holiday Greetings
How Do You Choose The Right Business Music For Your Company?
Video: 4 Ways You Can Gain Momentum with Inbound Marketing
The Importance of Message on Hold [Infographic]
Building Your Brand With Online Video
5 Consumer Pet Peeves of Automated Phone Systems
3 Ways To Use Video To Boost Staff Engagement
Does Video Quality affect Video Shareability?
Spending All of 2013 Waiting On Hold
6 Blogs From 2013 To Enhance Your Digital Marketing
Top Effects Overhead Music Has On Behavior
3 Marketing Audio Script Questions To Ask Yourself
Top 3 Reasons Audio is the Next Big Thing for Digital Marketing
5 Key Features of the Best Overhead Music for Healthcare Facilities
4 Killer Examples of Website Audio Done Right
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6 Ways Professional On Hold Messages Help Improve Your Image
5 Reasons to Control The Overhead Music In your Store
5 Considerations for Updating Your Business Phone System
#OnHold Fails and Wins to Brighten Your Day
New Apple Patent Could Help Your On Hold Experience
Two Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Telephone Audio Scripts
How the Virtual Doctor is Revolutionizing In-Patient Care with Web Conferencing
Do you STILL need a professional cell phone voicemail greeting?
Using Characters and Personas in eLearning Programs
Pimp My Phone System: How to Make Your Phone Work Like an Employee
3 Reasons to Use A Vanity Phone Number for Your Business
3 Kinds of Online Videos That Will Help Your Marketing
How To Write a Message On Hold Program Script
5 Healthcare IVR Best Practices
The Instagram vs Vine Video-Off: Who Will Win?
National Small Business Week is here! Check Out These Small Business Resources
Think Like A Marketer: A/B Test Your Message On Hold Program
How to Choose Good Background Music Services for Stores
Lessons from 4 Big Brands for Your Online Marketing Videos
3 Types of Audio Scripts for your Phone System
4 Ways To Make your Online Content More "Snackable"
Everything You Need To Know About Music Licensing
6 Ways Music In Stores Can Boost Sales
Why Should I Color Correct My Online Marketing Videos?
How Not To Narrate: Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Virtual Tour Narration
IVR Script Examples to Improve Caller Navigation
How to Choose the Perfect Voice Over for Your Video Production
How to Take Advantage of Prezi's New Audio and Voice Capabilities
4 Online Video Ideas to Improve Customer Service Strategies
7 Tips for Speaking On-Camera in Marketing Videos
6 Tips for Making Better Vine Videos
Managing and Announcing Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions
The Myth of Zero Hold Time
Customer Service Tips For a Successful 2013
5 Grammatical Errors to Avoid In Your Audio Script Writing
Ten Tips Tuesday: Considerations For Your Next Podcast
Healthcare Marketing: 6 Ways to Reuse Message On Hold
4 Apps with Excellent Sound Effects to Help Your Development Efforts
Who Should Write a Message On Hold Program?
How To Answer Frequently Asked Questions in Your Message On Hold Program
The Difference Between Speech and Writing
Can I Stream Internet Radio in My Store or Facility?
Holiday Season Customer Service Tips
Is Message On Hold "Content Marketing"?
Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2012
The Financial Impact of Message On Hold Marketing [Infographic]
Mainstream Media Goes Multilingual
4 Customer Service Phrases I Hope Never to Hear Again
Customer Service: 6 Ways to Share Business Hours
Google Translate, you're (still) not fooling anyone
The Anatomy of a Holiday Message on Hold program[Infographic]
Audio for Social Media - The Next Big Thing or Already Here?
How to Prepare Your Marketing for the Holidays
How to Ensure Your Online Reviews are Authentic
How and Why You Should Monitor Your Message On Hold Program
Can a Better Website Help Improve Customer Service?
How to Improve the In-Store Customer Experience
Lessons from Lady Gaga for your Message On Hold Marketing (really!)
Message On Hold - You're Doing It Wrong
9 Ways to Enhance the Image of your Small Business
How to Provide an Excellent Customer Experience
How Punctuation Affects the way your Message On Hold Program Sounds
How to Add Audio to your Website
How to Repurpose your Existing Message On Hold Content
Script Tip: Take your Message On Hold Back to School
How to Incorporate Voice Into Your Branding Efforts
7 Audio eGreeting Cards You Can Send Year-Round
Why do companies have such terrible hold music?
What You Mean When You Say "I Need A Voice for my Phone System"
Script Tip: How to Write Overhead Announcements for your Small Business
How to Align Message On Hold with your Marketing Strategies
13 Tips for Providing AWFUL Customer Service On Hold
Message On Hold: Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing
How to Structure a Message On Hold Program
The AP Sanctions "Hopefully": What it Means for Your On Hold Marketing
Lessons for your on hold marketing from the Google Doodle
Common Mistaskes in Financial Industry Message On Hold Programs
How Real Estate Professionals use Technology to Stay Connected [Infographic]
How to Choose Appropriate Overhead Music
7 Elements of a Real Estate Professional's Voicemail Greeting
Content Ideas for your Automotive Retail Message On Hold Program
Should I use Superlatives in My On Hold Communication?
7 Reasons to Use a Professionally Recorded Voicemail Greeting
12 Content Ideas for Higher Education Message On Hold
5 Examples of Funny Voicemail Greetings & Why you Should Avoid Them
Voice Prompt Script Tip: Is "Touch" the New "Press" or "Click"?
15 Places to Use Audio on Your Website
15 Voice Prompt Blunders To Avoid in your IVR System
How Sound Increases eLearning Interactivity and Learner Engagement
Unexpected Ways Audio Can Help Improve Social Media Promotion
Spring Into Your Next Message On Hold Update
5 Often-Missed Marketing Opportunities You Should Learn About Today
Embracing Technology in Healthcare Facilities: Sticking To Your Roots (Part 3)
How to Use Overhead Music and Announcements in Your Fitness Center
Vocal Fry: The Next Big Trend in Voice Production?
Using Effective Calls To Action to Make the Sale [Guest Post]
Embracing Technology in Healthcare Facilities: Mobile (Part 2)
Defining Message On Hold Objectives
Embracing Technology In Healthcare Facilities: Social Media (part 1)
How Much Can I Say On Hold? (Part 2)
How Restaurants and Catering Facilities Can Keep Messages On Hold Current
8 Ways To Irritate Customers On Hold
Message On Hold Etiquette Lessons From Your Twitter Followers
Keep It Simple: How to Choose Content for Message On Hold Programs
How Much Can I Say On Hold? (Part 1)
Customer Feedback Affects Telephone Hold Messages
My Overhead Music Experience at the Mall
Creating More Effective Online Presentations with Sound
Adding Personality to Message On Hold Programs
Happy 2012! ...How do voice over talent say that?
How To Avoid Jargon In On Hold Marketing
How To Add Audio Testimonials To Your Website
The 5 Do's and 5 Dont's of eLearning Presentation Audio
5 Best Practices for Refreshing Message On Hold Content
Turn Your IVR System Into a Customer Service Strategy
The Most Popular Holiday Hold Music [Data]
Sound Advice for eLearning
Please! Put Me On Hold!
Santa, Meet Audio Marketing
5 Ways to Use Audio to make Rebranding Smoother
Is Overhead Music Right for Me ?
5 Steps to Creating an Audio eGreeting Card
Should I use a male or female voice for my phone system?
How to Select the Right Holiday Hold Music
5 Fixes for Terrible Webinar Audio
9 Best Practices for Virtual Tour Audio
Holdcom University: Audio for Marketing and Customer Service
Happy Thanksgiving from Holdcom
How To Create More Buzz with an Audio Press Release
5 Best Practices for IVR Announcements
Telling Voice Over Talent How to Pronounce Words
Message On Hold: Key tool for Transitions in the Financial Industry
Creating IVR Announcements and Messages On Hold that Sound Appealing to Your Callers
Creative Guest Services Strategies: Hospitality Audio Marketing
5 Easy Ways to Add Audio to your Website
Message On Hold Updates: Prepare for the Holidays
Small Business Message On Hold: Market, Impress, Inform
30 Business Podcasting Ideas
Daylight Savings Time Reminder
Ensuring Correct Pronunciations in Message On Hold Scripts
The Impact of Multilingual Telephone Systems for Hospitality
9 Reasons why your business should podcast
Professional Voice Recording Tips
Business and Personal Professional Voicemails
Adding Audio to Virtual Tours
Proper Audio Ensures Sound Customer Service Communication
Thinking Outside the Message On Hold Box
How Hospitality Properties can get the most out of Telephony Marketing
Ways Healthcare Facilities Can Incorporate Audio in Social Media
4 Audio Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
Hospitality Industry Website Audio
5 Ways to Utilize Audio to Enhance Your Small Business
How many voices? IVR Announcements vs. Messages On Hold
Audio Marketing Script Tip: Brainstorm Correctly
11 Tips for Writing Your Own On Hold Marketing Program
The Holdcom Office Episode 1: Holdcom Goes International
How to choose the right Voice Over Talent for Messages On Hold
Emoticons, the limitations of text, and the need for internet audio
How to get SEO credit for Website Audio (and Video)
5 Ways Hospitality Properties Can Leverage Internet Audio
Part I of III: How to Leverage Audio Marketing for Your Healthcare Facility
5 Ways to Incorporate Professional Audio Into Your eLearning Presentation
Updating your Messages On Hold for Autumn (and after)
The Making of a Professional Cell Phone Voicemail Greeting
Improving Your E-Learning Presentation Using Audio
6 Rs for Professional Voicemail Greetings [Slide Presentation]
Sonic Branding
Message On Wheels-Audio In Motion for Hospitality
Audio Marketing Script Tip: Write for the Ear
7 ways to use IVR Announcements in Hospitality Telephone Systems
5 Tips for Using Audio in Hospital Branding
Airline Hold Times During Hurricane Irene
Message On Hold Program Length
Emphasizing the right words for Professional Audio Recordings
How Special Education Teachers Can Enhance Your eLearning Techniques
Overhead Music Sets the Tone [Infographic]
Your Customers Are Shouting, Are You Listening?
Museum Audio Marketing Trend: Personalized Audio Tours
Trim the Fat in Your IVR Announcements
Using Professional Message On Hold Equipment [Infographic]
Multilingual Communication Aids Customer Service
Professional Human Voice: What the Public Wants to Hear
Where to Use Audio in Virtual Tours
IVR Announcements can be Interactive Marketing Tools
6 Recording Tips for Your eLearning Presentation
Using the Five "Eyes" to Create Valuable Audio Marketing Content
Assessing Customer Satisfaction
10 Business Podcasting Ideas
Time Sure Flies When You're Not Updating On Hold Messages
Website Audio Can Improve Sales
Why Use Audio in Marketing Strategies?
Why Audio is a Key Tool in Conveying Time-Sensitive Information
Message On Hold Script Tips - 10 Commonly Misused Words
Message On Hold Ideas for Healthcare Facilities
Preparing Your Phone System for a 'Daily Deal'
10 Steps to Professional Voicemail Greetings
Increasing Customer Satisfaction--Real Life "Hold Time"
Audio Solutions to Make Your Small Business Look and 'Sound' Bigger
Hold Music Alone is Not Enough
Attention to Detail in eLearning Programs
How to Creatively Use Audio to Effectively Reach Customers
Choosing the Right Message On Hold Equipment
@HoldcomListens on Twitter
Personal vs. Business Voicemail Greetings
How Are You Engaging Your Clients?
Message On Hold is Your First Impression
Talk to Me, Not at Me - Communication Tips from Professional Voice Talent
What You NEED to Know Before Implementing Music On Hold
How to Direct Voice Talent for Successful Recordings
Increasing Quality Through Audio Marketing Initiatives
What is VoIP?
Voice Prompts and MOH Make it to the Great White Way
How to Use Twitter to Enhance Message On Hold Content
Choosing the Right Music On Hold in 5 Steps
Hold Music Can Make Your Customers Crazy
Message on Hold for Hospitality
Message On Hold is MTA's Solution
How To Use IVR Systems To Increase Sales
The Impact of Audio in 4th of July Firework Displays
Optimizing Healthcare Message On Hold for Emergencies
Leaving a Professional Voicemail is Just as Important as Your Actual Voicemail Message
Places To "Display" Your Audio Brand
Be Kind to Your Message On Hold System
3 Things To Avoid When Writing Your Own On Hold Marketing Script
5 Message on Hold Proofreading Tips
A Message on Hold Nightmare, from a Message On Hold Blogger
Twitter is a Feedback Tool for On Hold Marketing, Too
Behold, The Power of Real Human Audio
Creating Website Audio
Audio Marketing Influences Twitter's New Feature
4 Creative Uses for Audio Marketing
Using Message On Hold as a Call to Action
Using Message on Hold in a Real Time World
Professional Voicemail Messages On Your Cell Say You Mean Business!
From Holdcom, Signing Off
Health and Wellness Luncheon at Holdcom
Make New Friends, but Keep the Old - Both are Audio Marketing Gold
You Are A Social Media Master - Now What?
Message On Hold Wisdom From Panel Experts
5 More "Do's and Dont's for Message on Hold"
7 Do's and Dont's for Message on Hold [LIST]
Psychology of Telephone 'On Hold' Programming
Marketing On Hold Services Via Mobile Medium
How Message On Hold Can Increase Call Tolerance
3D Audio While Waiting On Hold - Soon? [VIDEO]
Monday to FRIDAY: How Much Time Do You Spend On Hold?
We Want Your Audio Marketing Content!
Digital Communications [VIDEO]
The Message On Hold Secret that IT Is Keeping From Marketing
Paradigm Shift to On Hold
Call Center Representative or Professional Voice?
"What's Your Address?" Ask Holdcom!
Managing Your On Hold Space
Have Some Chicken Soup While Waiting On Hold
On Hold Waiting Room - Part 3
On Hold Waiting Room Part 2
Rush Jobs for Message on Hold and Voice Prompt Productions
Queen and Message on Hold
Inside Professional Virtual Greeting Messages
Waiting Room On Hold - Part 1
Only Audio - A Revolution in Mobile Gaming
Three Articles on Voice Technology
MOH and IVR Rush Jobs
Down the Funnel: Optimizing Message on Hold
Offline to Online Conversion - MOH
Audio Marketing in Top Innovative Industries
HOLDCOM Urban Exploration
Commitment to your Passion: With Help from Client Relations
Social Media - on hold, please!
Valentine's Day - Passion from Childhood Memories
Collaborative Consumption - Social Media
Simply Voice Technology
Lend Me Your Lobes for Message on Hold
Internal Segmentation
When Revolution Puts Your Business On Hold
Donna's Laptop Debacle: The Benefits of MOH Equipment
Troubleshooting Message on Hold
Dr. Zimmerman's Advice [for Message on Hold!]
Customer Service Lesson from Groupon
Audio Assistance for Visually Impaired
Remembering Voice: Martin Luther King Jr.
TED Feature
Massive Influencers: Social Media 3.0
2011 - A bleak year for PCs
As The Holidays Draw to a Close, Change Your Seasonal Message on Hold!
Talking Brochures Version 1.0
Pareto's Principle for your Call Center
IVR System Jungle
Holdcom New Year Resolutions
Diapers, Hospitals, and...Holdcom!
Avoid Snow Days with IVR Announcements
Happy Holidays!
Island Christmas with IVR System
Ups and Downs On Hold
Healthcare and Message on Hold
On Hold Experiment
Message On Hold for Fortune 100 Companies
Finding Your Industry Niche
Voice Prompt Tips: Writer's Bad Habits
Monitoring Speech Recognition Software for Call Center
The New Online Healthcare Industry
Message on Hold, IVR System, or both?
The MOH Client Relations Trade Secret
How Social Media Will Affect The Future of Audio Marketing
Customer Service Message on Hold Tips
Social Media and Blog Luncheon
Holdcom Supports Voice for Social Action
What is "Holiday" Music on Hold?
The Value Between Noise and On Hold
Holdcom Presents: Thanksgiving Classics - Part 3
Holdcom Presents: Thanksgiving Classics - Part 2
Holdcom Presents: Thanksgiving Classics - Part 1
Place Black Friday On Hold: Small Business Saturday!
Call Center Thanksgiving Charity Drive
Myspace: Former "Leader in Audio Marketing"?
Sound Effects in Message on Hold: A Bonus or a Bother?
Audio Tweeting
FAQ: Message on Hold Volume Control
Sharing is Caring: Digital Distribution and Message on Hold
Walk in your Customer's Shoes (and Listen to their Auto Attendant)
The Muppets On Hold!
What Google Instant Preview and Message On Hold Share
On Hold Magic
Devil is in the Details (and maybe On Hold)
IVR Announcements Make Headlines
File Formats for Message on Hold Programs
Steering Voice in the Right Direction
Infomercials: The Secret to Audio Marketing
Message On Hold - How Many Words Per Minute?
CollegeWeekLive: Effective Social Media
Voice Recognition and Telephony
Embracing On Hold Time
Doppelganger Voice Talent
Give Your Company The Professional Voice It Deserves
More Script Tips for Telephone Voice Prompts
Client Relations Meets eMarketing With Message on Hold
IVR Announcements for Emergency Situations
Can Overhead Music Relieve Stress?
Professional Cell Phone Greetings
Prioritizing Information with Message on Hold
Maximizing Outreach for Holidays with Message on Hold
Call to Action with Message on Hold
SOCAP Social Media Ambassador
Achieve Professional Results with your Homegrown On Hold Studio
Traveling with On Hold Voices
Voiceover Recording for Telephony
Looping Message on Hold
Customer Service and Message on Hold
Sales Talk - Selling Message On Hold Without It
Raising Awareness through Website Audio
Voice Influence through Social Media
Message on Hold Equipment - Quality Control
Message On Hold Equipment - Digital Convergence
Elmo's World: A Social Media Flop
Embracing Social Media
Voice Prompt Scripts Near and Far
Copyright and Marketing Audio
File Format Definitions for your Audio Program
Marketing Audio through Live Chat
Multilingual Communication
Voicemail Greeting Tag
Find The Right Voice...Talent
Voice Prompt Script Tips
Hold Time Optimization
Voice For Business
On Hold Communication - The Original Social Media
National Voiceover Appreciation Month
Virtual Tour Audio
Audio Production Store - Voice Prompts
Audio Branding and Image
Marketing Goals and Your Real Story
Monday Morning Communication
Tools to Support Message On Hold Production