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Have You Optimized Your VoIP Phone System?

December 29, 2014 Andy Begnoche' VoIP

8 phone features to make your business more efficient:

As a company that’s been in the telecommunications industry for 25 years, we’ve seen our fair share of new technologies come and go, but VoIP is one that’s going to be around for many years.  It’s the foundation on which our future telephone...

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How to Elevate Your Personal Brand and Increase Customer Engagement

December 08, 2014 Andy Begnoche' first impressions

Breaking down the Perfect Profile Photo 

Getting face to face sure has changed in the age of social networking.  Whether you entered social networks with a purpose or you sort of found yourself there serendipitously, it’s pretty clear by now your profile picture is being judged. Whether we like...

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Podcast: Does Background Music Improve Customer Experience?

The customer experience begins with the first interaction of your brand or organization. If your customers are engaging with your company in a physical space, like a store, restaurant or waiting area their experience will be positively or negatively impacted by the quality of the environment. ...

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Podcast: How do eGreeting Cards Increase Customer Engagement?

November 11, 2014 Andy Begnoche' eGreetings

As video marketing continues to take top priority on marketers agendas, companies and brands are scrambling to find the resources and funds for this highly engaging and sought after digital content.  

An easy way to get started using video content as part of your marketing strategy is to turn...

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6 Blogs From 2013 To Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing continued to be on everyone's todo list in 2013.  Check out these 6 popular posts from our blog which cover all your digital marketing from your phone system, to your website, and beyond. They'll inspire you to complete every item on your marketing agenda.

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