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Voice Prompt Script Tip: Is "Touch" the New "Press" or "Click"?

Language is a fluid, ever changing doctrine. It's constantly updated with new terms and forms of words as technologies and generations evolve. The self-editing and adoption of these terms and phrases happens almost organically as one word is used more frequently and falls into favor within our...

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On Hold Waiting Room Part 2

Holdcom's Senior Script Consultant, Rob LeFever, shared a story about his first experience at a hospital on his own. He had woke up that morning with a slight pain in his neck. As he was getting ready for work, a painful spasm coursed through his spine. It was brief, and seemingly coincidental,...

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Maximizing Outreach for Holidays with Message on Hold

As the days grow shorter, it’s a daily reminder that fall is fast approaching, with winter right on its heels. And with these seasons comes all the trimmings like holiday parties, gift giving, and family get-togethers. Unfortunately, we will also be faced with long lines at check out, endless...

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Message On Hold Equipment - Digital Convergence

Just about everything we touch has been affected by the digitalization of our world. How and where we listen and view content, the untethering of voice and mobile applications, the way we drive and park our cars have all been radically changed. Some industries were born, some adapted, and some...

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On Hold Communication - The Original Social Media

With all the hype and buzz surrounding Social Media, many companies are scratching their heads trying to figure out its true ROI.  It seems every month there is a new online product or community that is gaining user acclaim and notoriety.  From the popular LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to newer...

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