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The Importance of Message on Hold [Infographic]

While you're ramping up your Internet and social media budget, don't forget that many of your best customers or would be customers still reach you on the phone. How are you addressing that? 

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Building Your Brand with Online Video

July 09, 2014 Brandon Reece video, tips, branding

Over the last few years, online video has grown to become an essential marketing tool. Many website visitors find videos extremely intriguing and useful, especially while making purchasing decisions. Companies around the world tailor their online videos to captivate, educate, and engage their...

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3 Ways To Use Video To Boost Staff Engagement

June 23, 2014 Brandon Reece marketing, video, tips

Since YouTube celebrities took the Internet by storm, small businesses and corporations alike have adopted video production to connect with their audience in creative and imaginative ways. From Twitter contests to Heineken’s cavalier “drop everything and travel” departure roulette, from...

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