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Health and Wellness Luncheon at Holdcom

On Tuesday, May 24th, Holdcom participated in a “Health and Wellness Lunch and Learn” sponsored by Event Dango, with a complimentary lunch from Subway.

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Make New Friends, but Keep the Old - Both are Audio Marketing Gold

Holdcom recently attended a webinar that presented an ongoing case study centered on a successful global company that used banner ads and social media to acquire additional customers. This company spent close to $220 dollars per new customer, and their goal was to acquire 3,000 new clients.

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You Are A Social Media Master - Now What?

 “Segmenting,” “mixed-media,” “cross-channeling,” “immerse your brand,” etc.

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Message On Hold Wisdom From Panel Experts

In 2004 at the New York SOCAP Annual Conference, Holdcom put together a panel represented by some of our major clients – Verizon Wireless, Metropolitan Opera Association, Dannon Company. Each panelist responded to the central question – how their organization handles placing customers on hold.

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5 More "Do's and Dont's for Message on Hold"

In last week's blog, we discussed "7 Do's and Don't for Message on Hold" programs. Here are five more pieces of advice for designing the most effective "delay message," adapted from the 2001 ICMI whitepaper by Jean Bave-Kerwin:

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Psychology of Telephone 'On Hold' Programming

Circa 1987, Dr. Jim Will published a whitepaper titled The Psychology of Telephone ‘On Hold’ Programming. Contrary to many telephony-based research initiatives, this paper focused on the psychological and emotional affects of waiting on hold, and how businesses can adjust their messages to...

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Marketing On Hold Services Via Mobile Medium

Going mobile is more important than ever for B2B marketers. According to Christina “CK” Kerley, marketing blogger for MarketingProfs, “there are 5 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, with 72% of the US workforce already mobile and 64% of decision-makers reading their email via mobile...

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How Message On Hold Can Increase Call Tolerance

In 2001, ICMI (Incoming Calls Management Institute) released a whitepaper stressing the importance of retaining incoming calls. A section of the paper is devoted to answering this pressing question:

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