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The 5 Do's and 5 Dont's of eLearning Presentation Audio

Music. Narration. Dramatic Dialogue. Do you incorporate any of this kind of audio into your eLearning Presentations? There are a variety of ways to use sound in your online learning modules, all of which can enhance content and engagement. 94% of learning is influenced by sight and sound, and...

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Small Business Message on Hold: Market, Impress, Inform

If you own or run a small business, never underestimate the power of your phone system. Your phone system has the capability to promote your products and services, communicate useful customer information, and improve their overall caller experience... all while they are waiting on hold! Message...

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Professional Voice Recording Tips

Learn everything you need to know about recording a professional voice message from proper equipment, to correct voice inflection, to editing tips.

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Business and Personal Professional Voicemails

October 28, 2011 Katie Devlin resources, tips, greetings

There is a difference between business and personal voicemail content. In this slide presentation will learn useful tips in developing and recording both types of voice greetings.

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Ways Healthcare Facilities Can Incorporate Audio in Social Media

Using audio on social media sites can be a strategic way to reach a growing, tech-savvy customer base. Audio tweeting, podcasting, and creating informative video content are all ways to get your customers talking online. Virtual tours with engaging audio can help you bring virtual visitors into...

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