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Improving Your E-Learning Presentation Using Audio

As E-Learning and E-Training web tutorials continue to grow in popularity, audio has become a critical component of these computer-based presentations. Learn effective and creative ways to use audio in your E-Learning presentations.

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Airline Hold Times During Hurricane Irene

Airline customer service departments had phone lines ringing off the hook during the Hurricane Irene's blast up the east coast last week. If you were one of the unlucky travelers during this time, you probably spent a long time waiting on hold for an airline customer service representative! If...

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How Special Education Teachers Can Enhance Your eLearning Techniques

Research has shown adding audio to multimedia presentations enhances a learner's grasp on the content (image, video, or text) provided. Special Education teachers use audio visual learning techniques to increase attention span, and stimulate auditory and visual senses of learning disabled...

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Your Customers Are Shouting, Are You Listening?

Customer service complaints are being pumped out live, and consistently while the these customers are hot and bothered. Twitter has enabled millions to broadcast their negative customer service experiences to all of their “followers” and maybe their followers' followers.  No longer is there...

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Trim the Fat in Your IVR Announcements

August 29, 2011 Katie Devlin tips, IVR, scriptwriting

Listening to IVR announcements is inevitable. They are necessary for efficient call processing, but in today's fast-paced society, callers are looking for immediate responses. However, there are some quick-fixes to make your IVR recordings more tolerable and concise. Here are some tips:

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Professional Human Voice: What the Public Wants to Hear

Are we neglecting the power of our own unique voice? Businesses across many industries are using computer generated voices to motivate their audience instead of reaching them through the authenticity of real human speech. Although synthetic speech is utilized in various business applications,...

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6 Recording Tips for Your eLearning Presentation

When producing an , make sure that the sound, voices, images, and videos all flow correctly, otherwise you run the risk of distracting your audience. The purpose of an eLearning presentation is to teach in the most effective and engaging way possible. You can have the most powerful scripts and...

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Why Audio is a Key Tool in Conveying Time-Sensitive Information

August 10, 2011 Katie Devlin resources, marketing

How does your business convey time-sensitive information to your customer base? Have you covered all areas of communication? Are you reaching as many people as you need to in an effective manner? There are efficient ways to get your message heard, such as various forms of social media, but more...

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Audio Solutions to Make Your Small Business Look and 'Sound' Bigger

Small businesses have the potential of getting lost amid competition from large-scale, high revenue businesses. These types of businesses are always faced with the question, "How do I make my business seem larger and distinguish itself among competitors?" Both professionalism and strategic...

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How to Creatively Use Audio to Effectively Reach Customers

There are numerous ways to use professional audio to enhance your business and customer service initiatives. Message On Hold programs and phone system announcements are common ways to use audio in customer service, but thinking outside the box can help you connect with and help customers on a...

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