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Building Your Brand with Online Video

BrandVideo resized 600Online VideoOver the last few years, online video has grown to become an essential marketing tool. Many website visitors find videos extremely intriguing and useful, especially while making purchasing decisions. Companies around the world tailor their online videos to captivate, educate, and engage their audience through visual representations of their brands' personality. Effective branding breathes life into a company, leaving an everlasting impression on how we perceive their products and services. Here are the ways to best build your brand with online video: 

Knowledge of Brand: 

Before walking, companies must crawl. Without a clear understanding of the identity, character, and motives, company video branding can confuse and deter customers from making a purchase. To begin, companies must have a clear, concise understanding of their brand. With a strong foundation of self, companies can edge themselves past their competition, develop unique messaging and strategically cultivate an atmosphere that pulls and keeps customers. 

With their "All In" global campaign, Adidas took to video and displayed their most diverse and encompassing branding strategy in company history. Utilizing YouTube, the adidas Sport Performance, adidas Originals and adidas Sport Style sub-brands are "all in". 



Avenues and Outlets: 

A brand's video marketing is only as good as the platform in which it's placed. With a diverse  array of video hosting options, companies should focus their branding to locations where their audience is active and an online video avenue that best suits their particular way of messaging. 


Vimeo, Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Vine are all suitable media platforms where brands have come alive. Each has their own respective audience, ability, and functionality. 

For example, Bacardi utilized the short video application Vine to promote their mixed drinks. The company noticed, not only how much of their market was active on this social network, but how young, hip and prevalent the social network was, in parallel relation to their own brand. recently utilized online video platform Vimeo to promote the release of the company’s official app for iPhone. Vimeo set itself apart from other video platforms with its ability to allow users to post high definition videos and it's youthful appeal. Both of which are core to's customer base. 



 In the midst of the 2014 World Cup, luxury car brand Jaguar capitalized by using internet favorite YouTube and US Men’s National Team striker Jozy Altidore to promote their sleek 2015 F-Type coupe. Each of the brands connected to the commercial, (Altidore, ESPN, YouTube) connect back to Jaguar's sporty, yet suave brand.  




Consistency is key to any marketing effort, but especially when it comes to video. Competing against not only market rivals, but all other video content on the Internet, one of the most important ways to rise above the content noise is to stay consistent. Maintaining a schedule for video posts and solid social media support can help solidify online video success. Whether posted weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, online videos should be timely and maintain a healthy frequency depending on company audience and preference.  


Extreme sporting and lifestyle content giant Red Bull is miles ahead of its competition with online video branding. Their web series "Life Behind Bars" is in its third season, consistently delivering an insight on the lives of professional BMX bikers from incredible angles.  

The sixth episode of the third season reached 50,000 views within a day, proving a quality consistent video message reigns supreme.




Arguably the most important factor in video branding, content separates an ordinary, run of the mill message from an entertaining, engaging and captivating display of innovation. Maintaining relevance in an ever-changing business world is key. New ideas, new avenues of expression and continuously pushing the bar for your brand, keeps the attention of your entire market, especially customers and competition. Have a focused vision of current and near future branding goals, which feed off market and customer growth. Video is not only a great marketing outlet, but a perfect way to check how relevant the message is to the customers. Views, shares, and comments provide perfect feedback to keep your marketing on point and relevant with your audience. 


With new products on the horizon annually, Apple must stay as relevant as they can. Through this online video, displaying the capabilities of the iPhone 5s, they motivate, amaze, and intrigue.




Video branding is an extremely effective tool when used in a marketing strategy. Encompassing company personality, ambition, and innovation can lead your company to the next level. How will you use video to tell your story? 

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