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National Voiceover Appreciation Month

AletaVO1 resized 600 In honor of National Voice Over Appreciation Month, Holdcom is featuring a voiceover talent who truly captures the voiceover experience – through web-comics. Voice-Overload is a traditional situational web-comic by Jeffrey Kafer, a Seattle-based voiceover artist with over twenty years of experience in the field. The comic has three panels, usually ending with a clever punch-line or pun. The style is simple, the older comics drawn in black and white, the newer ones having color, and the exchange is usually a back-and-forth between two characters, including voiceovers, chief executives, etc.

One particular comic that I enjoyed had a videographer lamenting to a over the lack of money and respect from clients when he is “a pro videographer with expensive gear, formal training and years of experience.” When the voiceover hands him a quote for 500 dollars, the videographer turns around and says “what! A little pricey for just talking into a mic!” Many voiceovers encounter this stigma from individuals outside of the industry, but I’d like to see the average Joe have clear articulation, a strong, flexible voice, and have the patience for dozens of takes!

While this comic is certainly tongue-in-cheek, the lesson here is clear: the benefits of using a professional human voice far outweight the cost. Taking the care to get the voice on your phone system right the first time will save you money in the long run. Plus, professional voice talent are truly talented artists who work hard to deliver the right voice for all of your needs. 

I discovered this web-comic via Twitter, when Holdcom received a follower with the handle @vooverload. Check him out!


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