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Monday Morning Communication

Oh, Monday…

audio production mondayHoldcom holds their weekly staff meetings every Monday morning. The familiar call of “everyone, please gather for the meeting!” crackles simultaneously from 20 intercoms, Neil’s cheerful disposition followed by one or two muffled groans. The first employees, usually from the Client Relations (CR) department, trickle into the center of our office, where two plump leather couches face a center glass table. The Scripts Department takes their seats as the Production Department, used to the subdued lighting of their lower level caverns, rub their eyes in mild confusion at the sunlight peering through the office windows. Somewhere in between the influx of people Joe bounds into the room. Soon after comes Harvey, Andy, or Neil; but rarely together, as the monumental task of cleaning out their weekend emails holds their attention.

Soon the couches are full, as are the one or two chairs that have been dragged in, and the meeting begins. Anne reads the minutes of last week’s meeting. After the minutes, Andy recaps developments since last week. The atmosphere is relaxed and expectant: cups of coffee are steaming, employees are eating provided muffins, and everyone, or mostly just myself, are struggling to stay awake on three hours sleep.

The following order depends on who snagged the comfortable couches, but usually the meeting goes as follows: Order Processing, Client Relations, Scripts, Production/Tech [depending on which of the many work-hats Brian wears], Social Media [myself], Neil, and Harvey, who informs on system/internal changes. The meeting then concludes with any final thoughts, comments, suggestions, or any amusing anecdotes from the weekend.

Staff Meetings at Holdcom are unique because even though we are a small business, each department tackles a highly specialized area of the voice production process. Each department works on longstanding projects; the staff meetings provide a venue for crossover discussion, to see where each individual fits within the larger picture. Whether it is scouting voice talent, updating message on hold scripts, producing website audio or maintaining clients’ telephone equipment, every department is aware of Holdcom’s each move.

Happy (yawn) Monday!