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In my quest for more knowledge, I installed TweetDeck. A social media monitoring tool similar to Hootsuite, Tweetdeck lets you create keyword-filtered Twitter feeds that act as gathering points for live-streamed relevant information.

As an experiment, I typed in "waiting on hold," and idea recommended to me by our Projects Director. Though I found several humorous anecdotes of angry people waiting on hold, dancing to the overhead music, or exasperated by IVR announcement, most of the content was, well, not relevant. I tried adjusting my keywords but the problem continued. There was just too much information and the search engine was grabbing at all of it like a kleptomaniac in Wal-Mart.

Then I found this compelling article via Twitter-Maven-Who-I-Am-Convinced-Is-A-Robot TechZader, which spoke about the App overload and the ways Apple is trying to dam the flood.

What struck me about the article was that it wasn't just an information zombie lurching around the Internet searching for brains. The author provided timely news, but included his interpretation of the web-knowledge: Apple should do, not what Apple did. It was reporting 3.0 - hoarding information while focusing on quality, applicable tools. The author called for Apple to "develop better filtering, ranking, and recommendation algorithms for displaying recommended applications for interested users" instead of their "Apple knows what's best" attitude:

"Apple is offering a "curated" collection of applications instead of all of them. Apple fans will tell you, unequivocally, that this is what's best. This is the way to do it. But curated directories didn't end up working for the Web and they won't end up working for mobile application discovery, either. There is a point where browsing through lists is no longer efficient, only search is."

At Holdcom, we compose quality content that not only fits a company's brand, but increases their focus. We believe that everyone has a voice, but not the technology or the ability to express their message as clearly and professionally as possible. Like a fine-tuned search engine, Holdcom's online marketing and on hold advertising will find the best characteristics of your company and share it with the world.

As it says in the article, Apple may "desire quality" or be "arrogant," and here at Holdcom we desire quality, but are able to have a sense of humor! Over the years, we have recorded all sorts of audio: voicemail greetings of monkeys, alien voices, birds; scripts involving talking lawnmowers, a "happy family" of data packets who must fend off bugs and viruses from the "online wilderness," and a humorous IVR phone system based on a video game, where you can "Press 1 if you had been assassinated by a friend."

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