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With contributions by senior script consultant Rob Lefever

A message on hold is more than a one-time deal: the business voice message must reflect the dynamic changes occurring in the company, whether there are holiday specials, new branches, or a complete image makeover. Holdcom’s client relations department makes it their personal goal to insure that their clients have the most current and up-to-date business voice messages.

 But what if a client is non-responsive, their outdated on hold services collecting dust? Aren’t these companies aware that they are broadcasting the wrong office hours, or “this month only” deals that have expired years ago? And what is with their background music being so 80s?

 If you cannot get in touch with your client, here are a few good wake-up messages:

  • “We want you to realize the full potential of your service and get your money’s worth since you are paying for our service.” Feel free to add, “Message on hold is an important promotions just like other PR/Marketing resources.”
  • “Are there any new company developments to announce, such as products, services, awards, promotions, events?”
  • "Would you like to use an update to do a special Holiday version for the upcoming season?" (Corporations love holiday specials).

If you want to bypass their voicemail, hit 0 so you can be transferred to a receptionist. You will then be able to maneuver around the company and hopefully get in touch with their message on hold representative.

When you speak with a representative, and they explain that they were very busy, or aren’t ready for an updated message on hold:

  • Ask when you should check in with them again.
  • Mention the primary contact’s name and see if it would be best to follow up directly. Always be aware of who in the company is in charge of their voice recording program or IVR maintenance.
  • Suggest a remix to freshen up the scripts – we will do all the work; all we need is updated information.
  • Throw in the competition factor: mention how other companies in their industry are updating their voice recording program.
  • Request to receive their newsletter or events calender so we can update their voicemail greeting or recording program (especially promotions!).

And that concludes today’s client relation’s lesson…oh! Before I forget: My apologies to all the 80s throwbacks out there.

But seriously, it’s been thirty years.

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