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Marketing Audio Through Live Chat

For a while, Holdcom resisted implementing an online chat system. Since we provided service for IVR, on hold messages, and other phone systems, why should we “outsource” our selling point, our authentic voice-to-voice customer service, to a silent medium? Wouldn’t that be impersonal, with more room for error? 

Then we launched the online store. Boy, did we change our tune quickly. Our market expanded into primarily e-commerce – our store was flooded with the new generation of “callers” – web surfers – and our client relations department did not have the means to provide on-the-spot assistance.

“When you are unsure of something, you will find countless ways not to do it: what about looking at the reason why you should do it?” said Andy Begnoche, when asked about how Holdcom adopted live chat. Ever since we implemented the service, our response time has become almost immediate. Our reputation as quality content providers was further supported by real time conversations, and we were able to better communicate with our clients.

For example, see the below transcript:


Chat with Christopher Knox of PADPIX:

Chat Start Time:

08/05/2010 11:21:02 AM

Chat End Time:

08/05/2010 11:23:36 AM

[chris] I placed my order 10 minutes ago for a voice greeting to be added to my landline. Brett, the audiostore rep stated that if I placed the order before 3pm today, it will be available on my line no later than tomorrow at 3pm, just want to confirm.

[Joe] Hi Chris, we did receive your order and I have instructed my team to fulfill this by 3pm tomorrow 8/6/2010

[chris] Awesome!, thank you very much. gotta love good service like that. I only wish more companies respond as quickly. I appreciate it!


Incorporating live chat into client relations only enhanced marketing audio, voice greetings, and message on hold. According to this article, the ROI of ATG increased by 304% through the use of live chat. It helped increase responsiveness, brand loyalty, and the most powerful, and ancient, marketing strategy – word of mouth.

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