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Embracing Social Media

Contributed by Productions Team Member Joe Blakely

Communication, Message On Hold, Social MediaWelcome blogsphere! I am a new member of the Holdcom Production Team. Beyond that, I am a 2010 College graduate, yes that’s right, I graduated in 2010 and was lucky enough to find a job that relates to my degree: coincidentally, through a social media outlet. When I’m not at Holdcom, I am the resident tech expert of my household for my awesome roommates – my mother, father, and sister.

But I digress; I want to show the social media evolution through the eyes of 22 year old that has seen its rapid and constant evolving status.

Everyone born circa 1985 can remember the days of dial up, the days when using the Internet for in the home relied heavily on warning every person in the house to stay away from the phone or else you got booted off. This was where I made my first venture to surfing the Internet, back when AOL’s welcome screen took you directly to their channels list. I had no clue what a browser was, no idea of what downloading meant, and only used it to meet “friends” in chat rooms who I would add to a buddy list.

Fast forward to the end of high school circa the golden days of 2005-2006. I had briefly entered the realm of myspace, and never really fell into it too hard, because it just seemed like a gimick. Then I discovered something that would form an addiction, Facebook. My sister had mentioned this a few times in passing since she had been away at college. A network where it was basically a way to preserve memories with pictures, stay in touch with high school friends, and meet new ones while away at school. I couldn’t wait till I got my hands on my college e-mail address to join this new realm and be part of something that younger kids/parents could not join.

But then Facebook, and other social media networks like it (Twitter and Linkedin) have changed and allowed basically anyone to join (you can even make one for your pet, no joke). At first I was upset to have my “entitled” internet space taken, but then I began to warm up to this new “all encompassing” trend.

Now it’s time for businesses to get their act together. Businesses can use this as an integral part of reaching those who had become disenchanted with “old mediums” – news, radio, and television - and to reach new consumers as well. Companies must have facebook pages, which hold just as much, if not more information then their traditional websites; they shouldn’t invade, but embrace. The reason why Facebook pages are successful is because it is more user friendly than updating HTML code, and is cost efficient too, because updating a status or tweeting to consumers is free.

If you aren’t on these social networks, then you might as well not exist – and it is too early for an existential quandary. Stay current, update often, and always look for new trends in this field, because they seem to happen weekly, if not daily.


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