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Message on Hold Equipment - Quality Control

Even though the digital age has induced less demand for physical message on hold equipment, there are still many instances where physical equipment is not only used, but preferred.

The following demonstrates why purchasing professional-grade equipment from message on hold companies is more beneficial than buying consumer grade equipment:

  • Consumer players are not intended to run 24/7 – many run from batteries that need to be replaced or recharged – and this will greatly reduce their lifespan. Professional MOH equipment is made to run 24/7 even in the rigorous conditions often found in a phone room environment; moisture, dust, and extreme variation in temperature.
  • Consumer players are generally tested and approved for household or consumer use. Professional equipment is FCC tested and approved for a commercial environment. Holdcom specializes in using energy-efficient power supplies, ecologically conscious packaging and efficient design.
  • With a consumer CD player, CDs are in constant rotation but are only designed to play 50-70 times before wearing out. This could cause CD and/or equipment failure very early on, resulting in additional replacement and/or installation costs.
  • Consumer players are made to drive high-impedance headphones, which could damage the telephone system’s MOH port. Professional MOH equipment is customized for phone-system compatibility.
  • Consumer players typically include a one-year (or less) warranty – and that only if operated under the conditions of personal use. Professional MOH equipment includes a five-year parts and labor warranty.
  • Consumer players often require special software to load audio. Professional local download MOH equipment is “drag ‘n drop” with no special software necessary.
  • Consumer players are made for, and marketed to, consumesr and are eaily recognize and, as a result, encourage theft.
  • Consumer players will typically need to be restarted after a power loss. Professional MOH equipment will begin playing when power is restored.


For more information on the types of equipment Holdcom offers, check out our equipment page.

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