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Voice Influence through Social Media

Today’s lesson in social media marketing comes from an unlikely source: Kim Kardashian. According to an article about generating traffic with Twitter on, the celebrity holds the most influence over her followers, even though she is several million behind Twitter-giants such as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

But hasn't web 2.0 taught us that it's a numbers game?

Her secret is that the majority of her posts are “calls to action” that encourage her fan base to interact with her “brand,” or her image. Her comments aren’t simply micro-blogs about her life, a la Ashton Kutcher, but targeted “updates” that ultimately redirect traffic back to her site – and its working, since “her website ranks 54 out of all Twitter websites that [yield] clickthrouhgs” and “top 20 of entertainment category,” beating out news and sports feeds.

Kim knows her market – fashonistas, young female urbanites, gossip crunchers – and baits them with exclusive photographs, charity drives, and “behind-the-scenes” content: only available through her website.

It isn’t numbers, but scope of influence, that drive Web 3.0’s return on investment. Whereas the web 2.0 company sent out a fishing net to catch schools of customers, without being able to estimate the exact return, the web 3.0 company has thousands of individual fishing hooks, customized specifically for a demographic – almost like fly fishing.

But how can your company adapt to this change, without compromising your unique marketing strategy? Ultimately all catches need to be reeled in, and that one-on-one communication is the crucial point of guaranteeing return – a philosophy that Holdcom demonstrates through our monthly follow ups with clients. Holdcom believes that direct communication builds loyalty and increases influence – which is why some of our clients are over fifteen years old, and still requesting updates and making referrals!

Though the current marketing paradigm may be segmented mass marketing, the sincere follow-through is what seals the deal. Message on hold and online audio is the only way to have as wide an influence, while still speaking directly to the individual.

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