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Customer Service and Message on Hold

In collaboration with Holdcom's Client Relations Department

Another customer service adventure from Holdcom masterpiece theater!

In this episode, the script department and client relations department must reconcile a tricky situation regarding updating a pre-existing message on hold script. A client had requested that several changes be made and faxed over a copy of the message on hold script with marked edits – the script department implemented the appropriate changes, but one of the changes, an important one, slipped their notice. The scripts department then sent out the miscorrected version to the client.

However, after reading over the new version, the client approved the message on hold script!

It wasn’t until the recording of the message on hold script had been produced that the client realized that one of the changes had not be included. The client sent the recording back, claiming that it had to be re-done, free of charge.

What would be the proper response? Our client relations department insists that clients should read over their scripts carefully, and once the scripts are given official approval by the client, then the state of the content is not their responsibility. However, Holdcom’s policy is to re-record scripts free of charge that have clear mistakes, such as pronunciation errors or incorrect information.

After discussing the situation, the scripts department concluded that since they had overlooked the change, they would rerecord the script, free of charge – our clients depend on our services to provide professional, clean content.

The lesson learned is that mistakes happen, and it is always best to double check, or have another pair of eyes, before giving final approval on a project. However, the buck should stop there – the more people who look at a script, the more changes are made, and there is a greater chance for miscommunication. The customer always comes first, and Holdcom is proud that the situation was resolved smoothly.

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