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SOCAP Social Media Ambassador

by Andrew Begnoche

socap, social media, minglestickFor me, October is an exciting time of the year: The Baseball Fall Classic, the change of seasons, and, oh yes, the SOCAP Annual Conference, which will be held this year on October 17th - 20th in beautiful San Francisco.  I'm really looking forward to this year's conference, not just for the fantastic keynote speakers (Craig Newmark of Craig's List , John Gerzema of Young & Rubicam, Charlene Li, Author of Groundswell & Open Leadership, Dan Roam, Author of The Back of The Napkin - to name a few), but for the destination of San Francisco, including a Wine tour sponsored by Gallo Wineries. The conference schedule is going to be packed with cutting edge content, introduced in the Breakout and Spotlight Sessions.

However, this year I will not just be an attendee, exhibitor, or speaker - I will be a "Social Media Ambassador."  I can only hope that the name tag ribbon for "Ambassador" will be red velvet with gold embroidery.  Perhaps there will be small gentlemen, in funny hats with long horns that will trumpet my entrance and make a royal announcement.  Either with or without the pomp and circumstance, I look forward to bringing the voice of Holdcom to the conference and sharing insights: I will be your go-to resource for introductions to social media and how to spread your message to the masses, two areas that have been the focus of operations at Holdcom.

So let's get started.  In addition to the speakers and content, there are many things to be excited about, and one of them is the attendance - which is way up.  A sign the economy is improving?  Perhaps. But its more likely though the diligent communication of new social media tools that have been employed to report all that's going on at SOCAP.  In addition, new technologies like MingleStick are bringing networking into the 21st Century.  This unique keychain-sized device, sponsored by Wilke/Thornton, makes networking easy by electronically transfering your contact information with the click of a button.  No more running out of business cards this year! 

To stay on top of all things SOCAP, be sure to connect with the group online at\socap, join the LinkedIn group and engage in discussions, and follow them on Twitter at @socap or #SOCAPAC10 to follow conversations about the annual conference.  Be sure to also check out the new website and blog as well as discussion boards.  Most importantly, be sure to share these links with your network.

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