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IVR Announcements for Emergency Situations

We hear about mass recalls on the news but think to ourselves, "Oh, this will never happen to my corporation." However, it is best to be prepared just in case this situation becomes a reality. Insuring that your business has the proper methods and tools to handle your customer relations during a crisis is crucial in retaining brand integrity and consumer loyalty.

Let's create a hypothetical example: a technology company receives reports that a large portion of their new model of computer chips smokes and fries when it is turned on. The company works with a team to prepare a strategy that will solve the problem, but it needs to announce the recall to account for the malfunctions.

Within minutes of submitting the report, the CEO gets a frantic call from the manager of their call center – the phones are lighting up like the New York City Skyline.

The corporation needs to update their voice answering system immediately with information regarding the recall and to assure concerned customers that everything is under control. How does the corporation go about doing this?

In this situation, many corporations choose to have one of their in-house employees draft and record a brief message. The resulting message is quick and muddy, but at least it gets the job done, right?

Holdcom has encountered many emergency situations; our programs have the flexibility to have emergency responsiveness when your company needs it most. With a quick call to your script consultant, we can draft several voice prompt options that could be easily integrated into your normal announcement without disrupting your service.

Customers who call your line will now meet with a professional, clear response that will not only calm their concerns, but inform them about what they can do to be proactive about the situation. Holdcom will edit your voice prompts on the fly, adjusting your IVR phone system so your callers are directed to the appropriate representatives. Having business voice messages that are understanding and aware of the situation will instill confidence in your customers that your company is one step ahead of the situation.

What about preventative solutions? Holdcom can supply your company with pre-recorded emergency announcements that can be switched into your active program at any time. To insure that your message reaches your entire consumer base, Holdcom has multilingual translation services that can translate, and record, your emergency voice prompts.

Here are some useful links that will help you respond to, and control, a potential recall or emergency situation:

ExpertRecall "offers tools and planning assistance to help your organization stay in control during a complex recall event." They have regular Recall Readiness Assessments and the capabilities to simulate a mock recall to test your company's preparedness. This approach empowers your company from within.

DecisionOne is a "single source service provider with integrated remote, onsite, and logistic capabilities." If your company has to maintain normal sales and does not have the resources to handle a recall situation, then outsourcing these operations [customer service, repair, shipping/handling] is a viable choice.

Natural Foods Merchandiser is a blog related to the food production / distribution industry. In this article, they discuss five ways to handle a product recall.

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