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Call to Action with Message on Hold

Script consultants show clients that the possible uses for Message on Hold extend far beyond sales. The following are a few examples how your business can effectively utilize Message on hold updates:

  • Inform: Your business can use Message on Hold to promote traffic to their website or Facebook Fan Page. For example, hotel managers use Message on Hold to broadcast exclusive deals, availabilities, or discounts only available through online purchase.
  • Inspire: Your business can use Message on hold as a call to social action. For example, Hospitals can inform customers on new health initiatives and commemorations, such as Breast Cancer awareness month. They can then efficiently direct callers to donate through friendly IVR announcements.
  • Introduce: While a customer is waiting on hold, share personal anecdotes or biographies about your staff. These messages establish a personal relationship between your business and the customer.
  • Interact: Encourage the customer to ask questions when a live representative returns to the line. Ask for their opinion – this shows that your business cares about their time.
  • Involve: Announce breaking news stories, milestones, and anniversaries.

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