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Prioritizing Information with Message on Hold

When clients subscribe to a Message on Hold program, they are eager to promote every aspect of their business. They are so excited that they often overload their message with information.

One of the tasks of Holdcom’s script consultants is to assist clients in prioritizing their information. Customers will then be able to have a pleasant on-hold experience while retaining important announcements without feeling overwhelmed. The following are several ways you can organize your information through Message on Hold:

  • Clients can highlight information depending on time of the year, changing inventories, or sales trends within their industry. For example, if a computer company knows that a new processor is being released, they may want to broadcast a promotion for the new chip, or a discount on their excess inventory.
  • Clients can advertise add-ons, bundles, or other accessories for popular sells. Let’s say an electronics store wants to advertise that with each Hi-Def television, you will get a free HDMI cable. By having a short prompt dedicated to this sale, you will educate your customers on potential savings/giveaways, increasing brand loyalty.
  • Instead of listing all of the days your business is closed for the holidays alongside your normal hours, divide this message into two separate prompts, which can be recycled depending on the time of year. Clients don’t want to be bombarded with excessive information.
Messages on hold is your chance to have a one on one dialog with your customer. Focus on what distinguishes your business from the competition. Whether it is location, customer service, or inventory, segmenting your on-hold time will convey the most valuable information in the least amount of time.

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