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Professional Cell Phone Greetings

audio production, voice message, cell phone greetingsIn response to smartphones becoming more affordable and accessible to the consumer market, businesses have migrated to mobile platforms, repackaging their services to be used “on-the-go.” Business is no longer restricted to the office – word processing, payments, email, printing, meetings, and more can all be done from a smartphone.

Here are some tips from Holdcom's Client Relations team about voicemail messages for business:

If your smartphone processes the bulk of your daily business, where high profile clients interact with your voicemail, then you must present a professional image with clear instruction. This is why professionally produced voicemail greetings are not only useful, but necessary for the mobile office.

Le Limo, a limousine service, recently called Holdcom requesting an update for a personal voicemail message. The client told us that management was sending out an email to all of their drivers, advising them to order a cell phone greeting from our online audio production store. Having a cell phone greeting or voice message spoken by an articulate, professional voice talent will facilitate scheduling between driver and client.

Here are a few reasons why professionally produced cell phone greetings and voice messages will help your business while you're on the move:

  • The quality of voice and production that comes with a professionally produced voice mail greeting will tell your callers that you are a professional and someone to be reckoned with in the business world.
  • If your business is global, your voicemail greeting can be translated and recorded and produced in multiple languages for your business audience.
  • Skillfully tailorded, your voice mail message can also be used for promoting a new product, service or milestone for your business.

We live and work in a fast moving, global business world and first impressions are lasting impressions. Make them count.

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