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Client Relations Meets eMarketing With Message on Hold

b2b, client relationsAccording to the B2B analytics guide
eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale by Ardath Albee, “buyers will search out and read more information by a vendor when the information they are exposed to is considered to be valuable and relevant.” The process by which companies do not pursue or cold call new clients, but enable clients by “putting high-quality content into play in a variety of channels to increase demand” is referred to as a nurturing campaign.


One of the basic tenants of a nurturing campaign is being the trusted source for problem solving – so clients will choose your company as a trustworthy knowledge base. At Holdcom, we go by the philosophy of providing an audio marketing solution– this problem-solution approach is not only proactive for our clients, but for our clients’ customers, for the customers are empowered and educated by information distributed through message on hold programs.

Messages on hold are not one shot deals – they can be consistently updated with timely information, layers of “sneak peaks” that build on each other and encourage a customer to ask questions when a live representative returns to the line. A business wouldn’t send out one newsletter or one email campaign – just like a business wouldn’t create one message on hold program.

It is time that audio marketing is brought to the forefront of social media marketing, for it is a service that bridges the gap between customer service and marketing, sales and social media, and isn’t this the era of the “lead generation”? According to Aberdeen Group’s September 2006 benchmark report, Optimizing the Self-Service Call Center, companies should “measure performance based on overall customer experience” and “designate a ‘customer experience advocate’” that could “increase collaboration among internal applications, especially customer relations, inventory, marketing and promotions, etc.”

Message on hold is a cross-over platform that integrates information from sales marketing, management, and customer relations – by providing information on new products, contact information, social network resources: all in one five minute “conversation” with a customer. Message on hold and audio marketing combines one-on-one, customized and targeted communication with the mass distribution of a social media network - plus the the benefit of the human voice.

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