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Doppelganger Voice Talent


Update 11/5: Check out this stunning DeLorean cake created by Ace of Cakes for the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future

Many companies agonize over finding that perfect voice that fits the marketing campaign of their company – one that speaks to their target demographic. They will hear this voice on a radio, public broadcast, or television and will have to have it: even if the voice is a celebrity or public persona.

Since booking a famous voice is costly, most companies turn to “sound-alikes” to fulfill their marketing vision. Take for example the Back to the Future video game from Telltale Games. They needed a voice that sounded exactly like Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, and though the former was available, the latter could not record. Where were they to find a voice talent who could pull off Michael J. Fox’s iconic character, Marty McFly?

“In a feat, or rather serendipitous casting, the developers found AJ LoCascio…”.

Occasionally, Holdcom will be tasked to find a “sound alike” voice.

One of our clients, Affinion, was doing a recording modeled after The Price is Right, and they wanted a voice that could imitate Bob Barker’s presence. We succeeded, and the “Bob Barker” transformed the entire recording – upon listening, it was as if we were transported into the game show.

Another example is Viewpoint Bank, who had an extensive IVR system. However, they needed to update from another vendor and they did not have access to the original voice. They turned to Holdcom for assistance - and we were able to match a "sound alike," re-structure their IVR, and save them the investment of having to re-record the entire IVR.

We have a large roster of voice talent, but also secure archival storage – if a client needs to update a script, but the original voice isn’t available, we are able to retrieve clients’ audio files and records from years past and can use editing techniques, or find a “sound alike” voice, to fill the gap. This storage is crucial in case clients’ voicemail systems crash. You could say we bring voices Back to the Future!

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