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Steering Voice in the Right Direction

Holdcom’s clients have the ability to customize every aspect of their program, from music to voice to content. But one key aspect that can make or break a recording is a vocal direction.

Much like stage directions in a play, these vocal directions act as guides for the voice talent to read in a specific style. These directions can take on many forms, from one word adjectives such as “upbeat” or “lethargic” to sentence long character portraits, such as “shrill, chirping voice; a young girl excited on her birthday.”

When submitting a script for recording, it is important to read your script aloud – you will almost always be surprised how different your content sounds when spoken. Listening to voice talent samples will help you gauge the range, texture, and quality of voice; whether the voice bolsters or compromises your message.

Once you have selected a voice, proper vocal directions will insure that you are maintaining a consistent company image. Writing “depressed” instead of “melancholy” will change the reading drastically; one will be intense emotionally, while the other, more reflective and gloomy. Another example is “happy” and “joyful” – the latter is more expressive than the former.

A professional voice talent will be able to judge the intent behind vocal directions and be able to “act” accordingly – the reason why voice talent are also known as voice actors. Having clear vocal directions will ultimately lead to a sincere recording, one that callers listening to your message on hold program will be able to relate to and engage.

For examples of professional voice talent performing multiple readings in various styles, check out their demos on our website and online store.

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