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Infomercials: The Secret to Audio Marketing

Many companies suffer from what I like to call “the infomercial syndrome,” where they sacrifice quality, professionalism, and clarity for saving costs.

But despite the aesthetic pitfalls of the average infomercial, companies can learn a thing or two from these campy, but charming, campaigns – the art of going viral.

And it all starts with voice.

Ask anyone about The Magic Bullet, the Shamwow, or the Swiffer and he or she will either smile or chuckle; this conversation ultimately ends with a YouTube session, where the infomercials are played on repeat. The same goes for local car dealerships – ask anyone in the upstate NY area from Albany to Buffalo about Billy Fucillo and they will belt out a hearty “HUUUUGE, Rochester!” before either declaring their adoration or frustration with the campaign.

It is not so much the product that captivates audiences – it is the presentation. These commercials have memorable characters with distinctive voices that not only define their brand, but also define a community. Although a distinct brand of adhesive bandage Band-Aid® is applied to all adhesive bandages. Consumers refer to all brands of tissues as Kleenex® and all types of hand sanitizers as Purell®.

This process of colloquial adoption is known as metonymy, or when “one part refers to the whole.” From a legal position, this situation is a nightmare, but from a marketing and viral perspective, this is a dream come true. Your brand has ingrained itself in popular culture – self perpetuated by natural human behavior.

Voice is the tangible “idea” that consumers – and businesses - latch onto when codifying a “brand” into their cultural memory. The viral audio marketing campaign is the first step to increasing brand awareness, personality, and image. Having a professional voice artist gives your brand authority and flexibility in the consumer and business world. 

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