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File Formats for Message on Hold Programs

message on hold, on the air, file formatsLast month our Production Team contributed a blog entry about frequently encountered file formats in the audio marketing industry. When ordering a voice prompts or a Message On Hold program for your phone system, you need to check to make sure that you are ordering the correct file format based on your Message On Hold equipment: many of the newer USB Messenger systems and VOIP systems use MP3s, but a majority of phone systems stick with .Wav

There are several variants in the WAV family, and they are not all the same, and usually not cross compatible.

.WAV files are typically CD quality (16 bit, 44.1kHz), PCM (16 or 8 bit, 8kHz), or MuLaw (8 bit, 8kHz). PCM and MuLaw are similar, but not always compatible, formats. If your phone system requires the Dialogic VOX format, check to see if it needs "ADPCM" (Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation) or MuLaw VOX.

When you place your order for a Message On Hold script or voiceover phone prompt script, choosing the proper file format ensures that your program will play properly and sound the way it should for your callers. If you have questions about your file format or need assistance, please contact us at, or post your inquiry on our new forum, where our production experts will provide informative solutions.

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