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Devil is in the Details (And Maybe on Hold)

They say the devil is in the details, so imagine how Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones felt this morning when after firing Wade Philips, his head coach and promoting Jason Garrett, his offensive coordinator to the position, he learned that Cowboy fans were getting a placeholder page at the team website.  Why?  Somebody forgot to renew the website. 

Billion and a half dollar stadium, gazillion dollar payroll, contracts, lawyers, partnership with the Yankees, etc. etc. and yet a simple thing such as renewing their website domain name got overlooked. 

In many ways, it's like that for a lot of companies that are not "America's Team."  Lots of time, effort, planning, and money goes into marketing and customer service strategies, and then when the phone rings, what's on hold?  Maybe nothing.  Maybe a radio playing unlicensed music or a competitor's ad.  Maybe a Message On Hold program, but it was produced 3 years ago by the Marketing Director who has since retired, still promoting the March 2007 widget. 

At Holdcom, it's our challenge to help our clients, and companies who might be our clients, pay attention to the details, to make sure the first voice their callers may hear is a good one, representing their brand in the best possible light while providing current information.  Unimportant detail?  Ask Jerry Jones, Jr.  He's in charge of Dallas Cowboys marketing.

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