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What Google Instant Preview and Message On Hold Share

SEO fanatics have had one day to digest the launch of Google’s “Instant Previews” – a tool that allows users to view the landing page of a website before clicking the jump. Google’s internal testing demonstrated a 5% increase in user satisfaction, increasing accuracy and relevance of inquiries.

What opportunities, or disadvantages, does Instant Previews present for SEO-conscious businesses? According to Mashable, “Instant Previews doesn’t focus on speeding up the actual searching of terms though, but rather the decision-making process of choosing a result.” In a digital world where gathering data relies on user behavior (clickthroughs), empowering users has huge marketing implications.

What Google is basically saying is – step your game up. If your landing page is sloppy or doesn’t have relevant keywords, users won’t populate your website. First impression is everything – if your landing page is user friendly and visually unique, then you will succeed. For those that don’t, well – “there is a debate as to whether it will impact clicks.”

At Holdcom, we were excited by the news. We think there is a corollary here, that what your callers hear on hold is analogous to what your website visitors preview.  Bad website preview or bad on hold experience, and there's no click through or no positive customer encounter when callers reaches live rep. 

We strongly value the importance of the first impressions; there is nothing worse for a company’s image than when a user encounters silence on hold or a robotic and clunky company announcement. Make sure that you have the best voice, and the best content, to impress your callers.  And if you do have "best content", make sure it's CURRENT best content.  Making sure our client's content is up to date is another constant goal around here.

For Google to spotlight the importance of a “company web presence” is a sign that it is time to not only re-evaluate initial impressions, but also user experience. Once users adjust to Instant Previews they will be able to discern websites that are all glitz and no substance. For telephony, to boast of fantastic customer service by claiming that there is “no hold time” is misleading – rather, optimize hold time by using professional voices, music, and announcements that will transform a “previewer” into a raving fan.

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