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Audio Tweeting

With speech-to-text capabilities and a technology that is constantly “on-the-go,” audio tweeting, or “micro-casting,” has become the middleman: it is more succinct than traditional audio messages, but more robust and personable than strictly text tweets.

Whether audio tweets are used to wish a relative happy birthday or to broadcast press releases, they should be incorporated into social behavior. This dynamic is a novel way of communicating with your audience – and the more channels you have access to, the more people you will inform.

Audio tweeting can be used for anything- ranging from personal jokes to sales announcements to reminders. Responding is easy and simple - and you don't have to worry about typos or that pesky 140-character limit. Many audio tweets can include images, and when paired together, the Twitter experience becomes a fuller, more interactive atmosphere.

Do-it-yourself audio-tweets are fun and charming, but if you are representing your business, you would only want the most professional quality. Too often important announcements are buried beneath the flood of casual tweets. Educate your followers and capture their attention with an audio tweet that not only has a voice, but music and production. Stand out from the crowd!

Here is a list – provided by our good friends Mashable - of five audio tweeting applications that are easy to use and offer a wide range of options. Don’t forget: the holiday season is approaching – surprise your family, friends, coworkers, and business partners with an audio tweet holiday greeting!

For more information on holiday greetings, visit our website.

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