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Myspace: Former "Leader in Audio Marketing"?

Once at the cutting edge of social audio marketing, the Internet’s safe haven for musicians and comedians, Myspace, has fully (or inevitably) partnered with (or surrendered to) Facebook.

Though Myspace is a shade of its former 2003 self, the social networking site showed the Internet that audio content was as high in demand as pictures or text. In fact, embedded audio was one of the building blocks of social sharing – soon replaced by YouTube’s streaming video in 2005 - only to be revived in 2008 through the instant technology of audio tweets, text-to-speech, and customizable embedded media players.

Myspace deserves more recognition than an adolescent hangout where bands swap guitar licks. Myspace advocates for an audio-enhanced online experience, a mission that has made an indelible mark on social, and professional, audio marketing strategies. GPS systems, wireless communication, digital avatars, podcasts: all of these necessary technologies rely on the power of direct communication to engage with users.

How can we apply the social audio of Myspace to professional audio services? Streaming Media, a portal for online mixed media news, developed spin-off websites that target specific demographics – hobbyists in one community, professionals in another. This sifts out irrelevant information, allows flexibility within the brand, but encourages professional and hobbyists to communicate with each other. Just like Myspace used audio to cross boundaries, Streaming Media uses digital video/audio to do the same.

Myspace encourages enthusiasts, but also promotes professional bands; by customizing user experience, Myspace generates a universal appreciation of the product. When Holdcom initiated our Online Store, it was in response to a growing demographic of users who wanted quick, easy, customizable message on hold or voicemail programs, but still wanted professional quality. Paired with our one-on-one customer service, our clients can access multiple channels depending on their current needs – a universal approach.

Under Facebook, will the social steamroller overshadow Myspace’s devoted audio community? We can only keep our ears perked.

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