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Place Black Friday On Hold: Small Business Saturday!

The hubbub surrounding Black Friday dates back to 1966, where a man by the name of Trevor Mcwanda published an article on the day’s shopping significance in Philadelphia. After gaining wider exposure in 1975, Black Friday has been synonymous with record-breaking savings, rocketing profits, and hordes of crazed shoppers.

But here are two fledgling shopping events that are going to make a big splash in the near future: Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday.

Why should large retailers and Black Friday shoppers have all the fun? Founded in 2005 by, the first Monday after Thanksgiving, now known as Cyber Monday, has become one of the largest online shopping events of the year, raking in over $887M last year from over 600 officially sponsored retailers. If you have a credit card and an Internet connection, you can be a part of this event – without having to leave your home or your Thanksgiving dinner to wait in the blistering cold for JC Penny to open its doors.

In light of these online trends and the faltering economy, this year American Express has inaugarated an event known as Small Business Saturday. According to their website, the Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend is “a day to come together in support of the small business we love…that are the heartbeat of our communities and local economies.” The campaign is vigilant, spreading through Facebook, Twitter, and online advertising. For each “like,” American Express will donate $1 to Girls Inc., and they are offering $100 of free Facebook advertising for enrolling with American Express.

Finally, small businesses can take part in the annual Thanksgiving tradition of Online and Offline shopping – but are we doing Thanksgiving justice by plastering the weekend with sales and discounts? We work because we do what we love, what we are passionate about – but also, to support our families and loved ones. Yes, Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate the hard endeavors of businesses large and small. But we should honor the individuals who make comfortable living possible.

So instead of being grateful for more opportunities to spend money, we can learn from these campaigns that Thanksgiving is also about social action. Small Businesses represent more than just convenient, local services: they are unique cultural cells of American culture that can make a difference. Small businesses are run by neighbors and friends: by supporting them, we are sharing our gratitude.

In honor of the new "social" Thanksgiving, Holdcom has released unique cards. We believe that the weekend should be full of music and the clattering of dishes as families sit down to eat; and what better way to use social networks than to spread goodwill, or invite friends over for a meal!

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