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Holdcom Supports Voice for Social Action

Holdcom works tirelessly to provide the highest quality audio solutions for enterprise, call center, and small business organizations. But this is just one half of our mission: we strive to create written content that is professional and entertaining: the blueprints for an effective on-hold experience.

We treasure the power of the written word – a philosophy that Joe Andriulli, husband of our very own scriptwriter, Megan Andriulli, transformed into social action.

In October, teachers Joe Andriulli and Krista Rieder formed the Make a Change Club (MACC): Troublemakers at Macopin Middle School. They wanted to “create a persuasive writing club coupled with student activism…to make necessary changes in the local, national, and global communities through student voice and writing.” 

The students have organized activities for raising breast cancer awareness, volunteered at local food shelters, and are planning further events that demonstrate that youth have the power to make a change. After each activity, the students reflect upon their accomplishments in writing.

Holdcom salutes the MACC Troublemakers and wishes them luck on their future endeavors – and is proud that through practicing the craft of writing, great things can be attained.

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