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Social Media and Blog Luncheon

At Holdcom, we constantly face the challenge of reconciling product development with fulfillment: As a multi-departmental organization with a highly segmented process, how can we engage our employees beyond their specific area of expertise? 

In other words, how can we form a community of individuals who work together to provide the best message on hold and ivr solutions for our industry?

Every two week, our Blog committee hosts a brainstorming session to generate new content and share novel developments over the past two weeks. The committee sponsored a Mexican food luncheon - something new and exciting - to generate interest.

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Chopped vegetables, guacamole, shredded chicken, and toppings neatly dotted the conference room table in a smorgasbord of color; the quesadilla makers were on full sizzle and the aroma of melted cheese wafted through the office.

Once you have an attentive audience, how do you capitalize on their interest? We began our brainstorm with a creative icebreaker. Each employee was assigned a well-known Holdcom client, whose name was written on a sticker. They would then place the sticker on their forehead, and would have to ask yes or no questions to guess the identity of their client.

This activity was a success – everyone participated full on - and this opened up the floor for discussion. We briefly discussed blogging techniques, such as focusing on the why behind your idea, or drawing from real life experience to relate back to our industry.

But soon we shied away from led discussion. The goal of this meeting was to encourage individuals to contribute naturally – nothing is better for a blog than to be genuine. Holdcom has the expertise and knowledge of a leading audio production and message on hold provider – but the challenge is to communicate this knowledge in a sharable, novel way.

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Be on the lookout for new and exciting developments from the Holdcom team to welcome in the New Year!

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