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Monitoring Speech Recognition Software for Call Center

Many call centers implement voice recognition alongside their voice prompts for various reasons, including reduced costs and encouraging customer engagement. While speech recognition technology has greatly improved over the past two decades, it does require pre-launch testing and on going fine tuning to optimize performance.

We've all experienced a voice recognition system which "didn't understand" what we were saying.  But what happens to those “misfires”?  Are they monitored or ignored?  Depending upon the platform, a user may be able to generate a report of misfires for review and tuning.  Some systems may even store the recording of the end-user, and even respond to anger and frustration by triggering calming announcements or transferring directly to a live agent.  By working with a professional vendor and monitoring and reviewing the caller experience, you will improve the application and improve caller satisfaction.

If you're trying to implement these types of announcements in house you should be aware of system sensitivity.  Just one example is unexpected call transfers.  These telephone systems work by detecting frequencies in dial tones known as DTMF signals - when a button is pressed, the signal [number] notifies the phone system where to transfer the call.

However, situations can occur where the voice prompt ["Please press one..."] accidentally triggers the redirect before a button is pressed! Certain frequencies in human voice may mimic the DTMF tones.

In order to combat these situations, Holdcom applies DTMF filters in the production process. If not handled professionally, these situations can severely damage your call flow.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to routinely check your telephone system. Most call centers and businesses that purchase voice recognition technology rarely monitor their system. The mentality is that once the program is out of the box and installed, it’s no longer their responsibility.

Having an efficient IVR system will not only improve your customer service but secure return callers.

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