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Healthcare and Message on Hold

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EDIT: Check out this interactive timeline of to-be implemented Health Care Reforms!

As 2011 approaches, the finance and healthcare industries are scrambling to adjust their policies to reflect monumental tax changes and a remodeled health insurance system, respectively.

On September 23rd, several facets of the health care reform bill came into effect:

  • No American child with a pre-existing condition can be denied coverage under its parents’ health care plan.  (This provision will apply to all people in 2014.)
  • There can be no annual or lifetime limits on essential benefits.
  • Insurance companies cannot drop coverage because of illness.
  • Changes in copay policies.
  • Coverage of emergency services is not subject to prior authorization.
  • Young adults up to 26 will be able to stay on their parents’ insurance plans while they look for a job with benefits.

There are so many changes that it is difficult to keep track of them all, and it is still too soon to see their effects. The average citizen is going to turn to insurance agencies and healthcare organizations for guidance, and a majority will be reaching out via the phone. In order for these facilities to have authority, they need to maintain a caller experience that is clear, efficient, and provides accurate information on the most up-to-date developments for health insurance.

Healthcare facilities cannot afford to have outdated insurance information on their call flows, while in queue or  their website. Message on hold is a means of capitalizing on inevitable wait time; educating customers while supporting live agents who are working one on one with clients. With messages on hold you can broadcast updates on health reforms, breaking news, or even fun medical facts.

Along with messages on hold, IVR systems can streamline call flow, ultimately freeing up doctors. Messages will always be directed to the correct department and voice mail.

The healthcare industry transforms daily. Don’t let yourself or your callers fall behind!

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