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Ups and Downs on Hold

The New Year is approaching – a time of celebration, reflection, and of course, a brief period of mourning over how much money we’ve spent.

A telling statistic is that most Americans spend a large amount of money towards the end of December; we have Christmas, Hanukah, and New Years parties, all venues to spend before Uncle Sam dips into our wallets.

However, this month is a period of ups and downs. Certain business sectors – mainly retail and service providers – explode with activity to accompany the increase in spending. But inversely, other businesses wind down – the phones stop ringing as everyone is gearing up for their holiday vacation while seasonal services head into hibernation.

There are always last minute callers scrambling for presents, or to finish their work, before a relaxing vacation - and on the flipside, project managers who can’t seem to motivate their team more than the coming New Years bash. Both stem from the same desire – anticipation. If you can redirect this feeling towards simple actions – such as clearing email, cleaning your desk – your nervous energy will dissipate, leaving you refreshed and able to focus on the task at hand.

Holdcom has been a beehive of activity. The past two months have broken records for amount of programs fulfilled and words written. More and more businesses are realizing that optimizing “on hold” time is a profitable way of engaging customers, especially during this time of year. Through messages on hold, businesses are promoting retail holiday sales and industry relevant information – and can reach a mass audience while having a one-on-one dialogue with the customer.

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