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Island Christmas with IVR System

Imagine yourself lounging on a white sand beach on the Virgin Islands, sipping a mojito, watching the waves slip away from the shore. This holiday season you wanted to do something different; instead of lights and snowfall, sun and warm breezes surround you.

Then you hear “Margaritaville” chirp from your smartphone – an appropriate notification for your surroundings – and you hesitate to check. You thought you left your phone on silent – that was the plan, wasn’t it? – But what if it’s an emergency? What if something is going wrong at the office? Suddenly, those anxious thoughts you tried so hard to leave behind start creeping back.

One daunting task that local businesses and major brands encounter is the sheer volume of sales around Christmas and New Years. Though many businesses are closed, there will always be zealous customers who won’t hesitate to call customer service so their gaming system or computer will work right out of the box – or that they can return the inevitable ugly sweater.

This holiday season, taking the proper precautions before traveling abroad or sitting down to a holiday meal will ensure that you have a joyful, stress-free holiday. Large brands have the luxury to populate their call centers during the holidays, but the astronomical amount of sales and troubleshooting makes it necessary. Without an efficient IVR system, temps [sitting in for observant employees] will have a hard time meeting customer demand.

For smaller businesses, having an efficient IVR system or means of organizing call-flow / email volume will make your post-vacation workload less daunting. Just because your business is closed doesn’t mean that the phones won’t be ringing. Having a highly-detailed voice message will inform your customers about store hours, upcoming events, and where to go / whom to contact for additional information.

So once everything is in place, all you have to is kick back and enjoy the company of your friends, family, and – if you want to celebrate the holidays a little differently – a tropical cocktail.

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