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Avoid Snow Days with IVR Announcements


EDIT: 1/5/2011 Check out this article about AT&T Natural Voices broadcasting emergency announcements!

For the survivors of snowpocalypse, the eventual cleanup is going to test our diligence and the strength of our backs. This means a snow day filled with shoveling and hot cocoa – but for the brave souls who rose before dawn to clear their driveway, this is just another workday.

If you are one of the former, your customer service doesn’t have to suffer due to a blizzard. Just like the televised and phoned emergency broadcasts, your Message on hold system or IVR announcements can advertise important information, such as late-openings, early closings, weather-forecast updates, or pertinent company news. So even when you aren’t at work, your phone system can reach out to customers and assist them.

As opposed to sounding robotic and static-filled, professionally recorded broadcasts are crisp and engaging. When I picked up the phone for the blizzard warning, I had to sit through five to ten minutes of town names before my town was mentioned – the time further lengthened by the drawling automatic voice. Saving even one minute could make a difference if there is an evacuation warning. The system would be more efficient if it were restructured like an IVR menu, where each caller would press a dial tone to hear his or her area’s weather forecast.

Enjoy the snow, and drive safe!


Here is a freshly plowed Holdcom!

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