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Diapers, Hospitals, and...Holdcom!

As I am usually steeped in all things viral, my excitement was intense when a coworker told me about a news report proclaiming “diaper war” between Huggies, Luvs, Pampers, etc., and the resulting “superbowl-esque” commercials.

What I discovered was that these diaper companies and Holdcom have a lot in common in regards to marketing strategy.

Research shows that brand loyalty is the prime factor in determining return customers for diapers – as is the case with Holdcom. But what contributes to choosing the right brand? According to the report, a diaper brand is chosen depending on the brand their delivering hospital carries – so if your baby is first swaddled in Pampers, that will most likely be your star choice, regardless of innovations by other companies.

Diaper providers are aware of their customers’ behavior and devote marketing resources towards hospitals and healthcare providers. Like Holdcom, they realize that hospitals are often the foremost adopters of new social and technological trends – they have a diverse market and an expansive demographic that requires specialized, devoted customer service.

Another similarity between the diaper industry and the audio marketing industry is the focus on mavens. Just like “‘there is always one mom in the playgroup who is in the know and the adopter of cool things,” there are always forward-thinking businesses that adopt new communications technologies. Though IVR announcements, eGreetings, and messages on hold have been available for quite some time, the “connected and mobile” lifestyle has significantly altered their presentation – making them necessary for businesses whose customers are “on the go.”

Below is the stellar Huggies Denim Diaper commercial. Now your baby can “go” in style. 

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