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As the Holidays Draw to a Close, Change Your Seasonal Message on Hold!

The holidays are over. They ended not with a whimper, but a bang – over $30.1 billion in online sales, and still counting. Greeting cards and holiday decorations that were so charming and joyful are now nostalgic, and as the cold weather dissipates in the coming months, any remaining decorations will be...perplexing.

In every neighborhood, whether out of forgetfulness or spite, there is a house that still rocks Christmas decorations or a Chanukiyah in June. Instead of the positive qualities this unit contributes to the community, it is always referred to as “that house with the decorations” – a connotation of laziness and/or aloofness; petty negative qualities that overshadow the good.

The same goes for businesses that do not monitor/update their messages on hold, thereby having outdated holiday messages on their phone system.

Customers are always listening; valuable customer service resources will be taken up explaining to clients that the 75% off sale was four months ago and not today. These businesses become known for their antiquated voice messages as opposed to the services they provide, and now that every customer has access to a worldwide audience through Twitter or Tumblr, this negative reputation will spread like wildfire.

Seasonal updates of your business message on hold, online audio, or voice message are the best means of projecting a timely, fresh image of a company that is on top of their game. And don’t think you can fool a customer if you re-use old messages [as the mentality goes, “I already have one, it’s good enough,”] as an “update” – if your business relies on return callers, they will recognize the message and tune out – instead of engaging with your program and developing a relationship with your company.

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