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IVR System Jungle

For those in marketing, advertising, finance – heck, any industry where your office is suspended tens of stories above the nearest skyscraper – we all know it’s a jungle out there.

But every business brings a little bit of the jungle back to the office – especially in regards to their phone system.

People come and go. Departments are created, then disbanded, then re-created and reassigned – there is a booklet just for extensions, and half of them are defunct or incorrectly assigned. Wires hang from an inevitable missing ceiling panel like vines, and callers are rerouted to a voicemail that hasn’t been active for two years. Don’t forget there are always one or two offices being renovated, as well as intern stations and temp offices cropping up.

I’m being a tad melodramatic, but many businesses encounter these situations – and worse, aren’t even aware of misrouted calls or abandoned extension. Having an efficient, accessible IVR system – where the arrival points are all mapped out and tested – not only keeps your business running, but also shows customers your excellence in your industry.

Nothing upsets a customer more when they jump through hoops to reach a certain individual, and turns out he or she had left the company long ago. Not updating a directory or message on hold program can lead to sticky situations where customers’ problems are compounded instead of solved.

Just as you have processes for when a new employee joins your company, make sure to create a process when someone leaves your company.  Making sure emails and voice mails are routed to the correct individuals will reduce customer frustration and missed opportunities.  A little time and attention now will clear away the foliage in no time!


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