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2011 - A bleak year for PCs


Gizmodo believes otherwise, that landlines will live on!

According to the “Pew and American Life Project, 82 percent of adult U.S. consumers who own cell phones are increasing their web activity,” with “38 percent…rely[ing] on their phones to access the internet” and “43 percent access[ing]…several times a day.”

This was from an article dated July 5th, 2010.

Several months and one New Year later, tech-giant Accenture predicts, “an increasing potential for an end in sight for the relevance of the personal computer [or phone] in the home as we know it today.”

The survey focused on “usage and spending on 19 different consumer electronics technologies among more than 8,000 consumers in eight countries in both emerging markets and developing economies.”

A common theme found among “mature” markets was the saturation of the PC market – those sales will decrease while newer, “innovative” technologies such as tablets and smart phones will soar. What influenced the decision to purchase these technologies was “the availability of applications” – with 31% saying it “greatly influenced their purchase decision.” Next in line was consumers’ “willingness to pay a premium price for environmentally responsible tech products.”

But what do these statistics mean?

In mature markets, as the technology playing field is equalized by widespread, overall “better” technology, product’s salability will depend on other factors than pure “functionality” – for example, application availability, “green” technology, and portability. . However, in developing economies, “hip-ness” and functionality are held at greater esteem.

Is this a similar situation to the landline vs. mobile phone dilemma? Now that there are several mobile phones per household, landlines are perceived as clunky and limiting– in fact, some homes don’t even install landlines; though according to this article, the reason we still have landlines is all economics.

For the general consumer, desktop PCs will become the “landlines” while smartphones and tablets become the new “mobile phone.” All previous landline functions, such as voicemail, IVR, message on hold, are now being performed on mobile phones; just like all distinctly desktop PC benefits can now be found on smart phones and/or tablets/netbooks.

Five years ago this would have been a ridiculous prediction to make, but alas, such is Moore’s law!

Do you think desktop PCs will become extinct anytime soon?

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