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Audio Marketing in Top Innovative Industries

InnovationinMarketingThe Hub Magazine is a platform where experienced marketers “exchange ideas” about changing strategies. This particular article by Randi Moore analyzes results from a survey that “asked readers to rate innovation in 20 different industries.” The extracted commonalities aren’t very surprising: consumers want to “simplify, save, sustain, and connect.”

As part of the audio marketing and telephony industry, what caught my attention was that “the category deemed innovative by 90 percent of our readers [was] mobile phones…layers of innovation in both components [touch screens, apps] and products [iPhone, BlackBerry Droid].” However, “missing from the conversation is innovation in the delivery system or the wireless network…half of respondents labeled wireless providers as non-innovative, and often non-responsive.”

As we all know, the word “innovate” has been deemed a trending buzzword. To define innovation in this content, “opportunities to innovate can happen in either the product or the deliver mechanism…the needs and wants of the consumer are clear; it is the delivery and the business model that have become challenging.”

When applying these observations towards the audio marketing industry, I was happy to discover that telephony and IVR service are active and responsive to the wants of their customers. As soon as the internet was able to handle massive and high-speed data exchanges, the telephony industry developed VoIP – servers that are able to store hundreds of extension, transfer voicemails, and provide complete IVR services – all by converting voice into data. Skype has capitalized on video chat and Internet calling, VT360 on Virtual Tours. Improved audio quality – such as HD voice - is in development.

Overall, I feel that the state of audio marketing / telephony is one of excitement and revolution, as opposed to the “evolution” seen in industries such as packaged goods [aka line extension]. Both sides are listening: as more businesses wanted the comprehensive technology of large corporations, telephony and VoIP services responded by making these features accessible.

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