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Massive Influencers: Social Media 3.0

monitoring content, social media, facebookOver the past several months there has been a rise in the demand for monitoring content, and startups have responded by creating browser-based user-interfaces that collate data from various sites – and it is up for the user to pick and choose, to be the “curator” of their online space [i.e Pearltrees,].

The change of focus from content production to organization is no coincidence: social content has been toeing the line between value and spam for quite some time. By liberating content selection / visibility from the hands of monopolized search engines, more ideas will be heard: not just “any” ideas, but the right ideas.

According to Forrester Research, “having masses of random followers is a problem…only about 16% of the total American online audience are considered Massive Influencers.” By providing tools or models for content production, your business will increase customer engagement; the customer will provide the content, and since it is in direct response to your brand, it will be relevant – forums work for a reason.

This realization harkens back to meeting a customer’s wants. In the telephony industry, customers do not particularly need to hear efficient IVR announcements or messages on hold; but they want to hear these broadcasts – they are direct solution to customer pain. For example, nobody wants to hear silence on hold, just like nobody wants to wade through endless extensions, transfers, and voice messages. By providing professional voice talent and efficient content, customer distress is alleviated, leading to greater retention and an improved customer service.

But what makes content "relevant" to your customers? Are they curious about your company history, or would they benefit more from hearing about special discounts? Is your message on hold mainly an informative program, or is it meant to engage - such as supplying "fun facts"? Finding dedicated “massive influencers” that champion your business – whether blog writers, philanthropists, or industry experts – is the key to Web 3.0; but the curating strategy can only be successful if you have a clear idea of the form and purpose of your information: knowing what the audience wants.


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