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Customer DecisionConnecting through online channels is a successful way of attracting leads, but the true test in the service industry comes offline – person-to-person, voice-to-voice. Here is a smart offline marketing strategy, shared by Jeffrey L. Cohen that not only generates interest, but also mobilizes your offline audience to go online:

By “encourage your employees to describe their company with the same keywords and phrases online and offline, ‘customers and prospects will start to search for those specific terms and find your company.’”

Coming from an industry where little is familiar to the average person, condensing Holdcom’s services into a short, catchy phrase is a challenge. We have our trademarked slogan - answer the call of enterprise – and key phrases, such as “telephony,” “audio marketing,” and “message on hold” or “voice talent production.” Incorporating these into conversations is the easy part – explaining their significance, showing businesses that they not only need message on hold, but want it, is what makes or breaks the “stickiness” of Holdcom.

However, Cohen has a viable point – why invest time redesigning your website with phrases that your customer base isn’t searching – or if they aren’t searching online at all?

If customers type “on hold message telephone” instead of “message on hold,” Holdcom would adapt to the former – and though the phrase is grammatically unfriendly, it is searchable, shareable, and understood among our consumer base. The human mind works by associations, and the more you can tie your brand to natural customer search behavior [i.e, to search for ‘telephone’ or ‘voice over’ before ‘IVR solution’ or ‘digital loader’].

Customers should be aware that all channels – online and offline – are open.

Because once a phrase is repeated enough, when the time comes for those individuals to purchase a message on hold, a light bulb will go off: “Oh! Voice production! Holdcom!”

Soon your business will become a part of ‘natural’ consumer behavior – just like how every morning, people ‘need’ Dunkin Donuts coffee. It all starts with a few simple words.


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