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Three Articles on Voice Technology

voiceover, speechtechmag, voice technology, mohInspired by yesterday’s post about the role of business as “information curator” for a data-hungry web 3.0 audience, I decided to share several recent articles from SpeechTechMagazine that share developments in the voice technology industry.

  • Want to Listen to the Beatles? Just ask for the “Fab Four” features Gracenote, “a company that combines information technology, services, and applications for entertainment solutions.” They showcased an advanced voice recognition feature that “specifically addresses difficult-to-pronounce names of musical artists [for the] MyFord Touch system.” They make the case that cars are now portable media centers that can store thousands of songs, and accessing a particular track manually – while driving – can be difficult, if not dangerous, without voice recognition.
  • Is the Cloud Your Answer? This article examines whether “they should take their contact center applications and/or infrastructures to the cloud.” It seems to give a pretty strong case [a lengthy bullet list] as to why the cloud is preferable for most companies, but it insists that “the cloud is not right for every business.”
  • This entry from the SpeechTechBlog is a heartwarming story about Roger Ebert “reclaiming” his voice [literally] after thyroid cancer through the assistance of text-to-speech technology. The software is comprised of his past recorded words, which allows him to return to his show, now titled “Roger Ebert presents At the Movies”, on January 21st.

Every day there are advancements in the field of speech technology, and Holdcom is proud to be involved in an industry that spreads the power of voice. Check back soon for more content!

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