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TED Feature

In July of 2010, Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist, gave a compelling lecture at TEDglobal about the mechanisms behind “how [we are] the only species that becomes more prosperous as it becomes more popular.”

Ridley is a confident speaker, fast-talking but can pause for a dry joke or two, whose sincere passion comes across as egging the audience to engage. “We need to understand how human beings bring together their brains,” he says, “to enable ideas to combine and recombine, to meet, and indeed, to mate – in other words, we need to understand how ideas have sex.”

In a refreshing move, he doesn’t overuse “innovation” or “invention” – rather, he provides historical, statistical, and evolutionary proofs why the exchange of ideas leads to “progress through specialization.”

The customer service sector, when it comes to telephony, is a constant exchange of ideas. VoIP servers provide storage and functionality. IVR developers use these services to perfect phone systems. Holdcom provides voice talent and audio production. Through the trade of technologies [telephone, internet, marketing strategy], Holdcom developed message on hold solutions – the “offspring” of the “mating” between ideas. And if we go back even further, without microphones and vocal training, there would be no “concept” of a professional voice talent!

It takes millions of people, working in thousands of specialized fields, to produce the materials for a single microphone.


Social media gurus talk of “innovation” and “social growth,” but are people trading ideas, or just throwing content to the wind?  What do you think?

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