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Down the Funnel: Optimizing Message on Hold

Woman On Hold Television commercials. Websites. Printed flyers. Email campaigns.

All of these channels broadcast valuable content.

But if your audience is receptive towards this information, why not convey it through new mediums?

One of the unique qualities of message on hold is that it is guaranteed exposure. When watching a television show or an online advertisement, your audience can change the channel, open a new tab; in other words, avoid the information. But waiting on hold is an inevitable part of business/telephone exchange, and when someone is placed on hold – whether for a transfer, or on queue – they will hear your program.

What prevents callers from “avoiding” these messages? The act of calling is active – interested customers, already past the first stage of the funnel, are directly contacting a company for their services; they are more likely to be interested in targeted information about their inquiry.

Which brings us message on hold as a marketing tool. The telephone presents you with your target market; why not use this time to secure data? When dealing with anonymous online communities, companies struggle to determine what percentage of Internet traffic can be considered “potential” buyers. Leveraging your message on hold to capture data, to share important company information, and to publicize your online – and offline – presence, can turn this “potentials” into return customers.

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